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Yunho said, “Let’s not let the rain get to us!” [My Little Old Boy Ep 197]

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💌ABOUT My Little Old Boy

How much do you know about your grown-up son? In My Little Old Boy, the daily lives of the grown-up celebrity sons are closely observed by their mothers. Do you have any idea why your son is on a drinking spree these days? How much do you know about your son’s philosophy in his life style? This reality show has the power to influence and have an impact on many families that are struggling due to relationship problems. This reality program may surely help overcome certain misunderstandings family members struggle with on a day to day basis. This program can help bring family members a lot closer to each other as this show helps them realize that each individual is different and has their own concerns that they need to deal with every day. Heart-warming moments of observational communication between a mother and a son can be seen on My Little Old Boy.

GENRE: Variety
YEAR: 2017
MAIN CAST: Shin Dong Yeob, Kim jong kook, Kim Jong Min

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  • Remember the days Yunho use to have a crush on Hwangbo…whenever they ask him about girls now he just answers generically😭

  • Yunho oppa just don't get sick,other than that even if u want to sleep in the rain i won't care.

  • Yunho looks healthier, happier and younger. I am your fans for 10 years❤

  • Oh my.. He is handsome ❤

  • Hermoso ojalá pongan subtítulos en español sería bueno 🥺😅 Yunho 😍😍😍😍

  • The 3 most passion in SM is Yunho, Siwon, and Minho. I also heard that there also a 4th member. That Suho from Exo. Kekkeeke

  • Janghun is completing Yunho story because he heard it from the hoobaes pov in ask us anything