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Yes, That's True! Lee Kwang Soo is Dating Her!!! [Running Man Ep 434]

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  • No one :

    Literally no one :

    Not even a single soul :

    Haha:Yes, he’s dating her 😂😂😂

  • “ yes that’s right , he’s dating her!”

  • Tzz KTzz K

    Author Reply

    I always like when jaesuk or haha break thw awkward moment in every different situation

  • Who revealed it?? Dispatch??

  • My gosh the new girl member is irritating always hungry for attention. Not even funny..

  • Are they still dating?

  • Love running man….

  • This is so funny and sweet!! I hope every celebrity in Korea can have this kind of welcome when they announce their relationships 🙂 With friends supporting them <3

  • What ep?

  • Wher ep?

  • Waitt… already 1 year?

  • I wonder what his reaction if Lee Sun Bin was invited as guest on RM again. Now that's the episode that we all waiting…😅😂🤣

  • I re-started watching Running Man from this episode. Especially wanted to watch LKS admitting it on Running Man. I had stopped watching Running Man after what SBS did to KJK & SJH in Dec 2017 n how SBS lied about ending the show amicably in March 2018 with all the original casts n crews. I hate liers & dishonest people. Saying something n doing something else. I dont mind SBS stop for a few months & resume months after that even if with all new casts with Running Man Season 2. But they didn't. This is why Jeon So-min & Se Chan are treated badly by netizen viewers until now. SBS introduced them apparoach wise wrongly & at a worst time possible. Despite the truths that Se Chan & So-Min are great in their own way. SBS screwed them up. If not for LKS-LSB news & the preservation of KJK & SJH, Running Man would have been long gone done the drain in a pool of dead resented tv programs.

  • They can’t do that to Jungkook

  • Still gonna ship kwangmin couple hehe

  • I watch this again😂

  • I have no idea how many times i watched this clip😌😌😂

  • Sparta kim when are you gonna introduce her??

  • The fact that Haha checking under table in case sun bin is coming HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA 0:14

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Omg! Kwang Soo has someone special? I maybe late of knowing this but I am sad.. Huhu. Oppa! Huhu..but anyway, just be happy. 😊

  • Ep?

  • JJ

    Author Reply

    "His Close Friend Confirms the Relationship" amazing close friend:)

  • Ooh so somin the person who make lee kwangsoo and sun bin fall in love? Wow

  • Are they still dating?

  • Can I ask what is the exact date when they are dated?

  • Hoping all of them will date happily ❤️

  • So cute ❤️

  • What does matter for me, somin seated beside sechan😂while kjk seated beside song ji hyo🤣I love these couples

  • As everyone getting many likes,I leave an emoji


  • back here in 2020

  • What trigger this answer tho. Who asking what happen didn't follow running man since im officially working.