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When Ha O Actually Sees His Mom… What is it?! [The Return of Superman Ep 316]

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  • Why tk nampak face muka wife Garry

  • When I saw the thumbnail at first I thought the woman was looking like yg

  • K KKK KK

    Author Reply

    the wife covered in cap looks like YG plus general hyejeong (aoa)


  • He wants to follow his dad to the club, Haoh is so cute!

  • Lol i was.curious who is gary's wife so i clicked this.. but when i saw her, i was hoping for her to take off her hat coz she's beautiful

  • Let’s be honest…we all came here to see what Gary’s wife looks life

  • His wife’s tone and HaO’s voice are so similar!! So cute!!

  • happy family……………….

  • I think she is look like jisoo and sejeong

  • Aw Ha oh’s mom seems like such a sweet person. Her and Gary really suit eachother

  • his wife look like jisoo of bp in the thumbnail

  • "mom's socks, hello"

    You are cute baby and funny too!! You should join running man in the future😂

  • I thought she was jisoo from the thumbnail 😂

  • Gary's wife is so pretty!!! When you see how their son behaves, you will know that his wife must be an amazing woman!!! <3 Gary really deserves this beautiful life with his lovely family xxx (Monday couple fan here who supports Gary and his family)

  • gary wife is song ji hyo?

  • Hao 100% looks like Gary

  • Lovely Family

  • Lucu banget hahaha

  • the wife look like song jyihoo

  • I was sad that monday vouple is gone and he's not in running man anymore but seeing this video makes me think that he's desicion is totally worth it❤️

  • Ommo🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • hao's mom. in. the thumbnail looks like yg

  • Gary wife look like jisooo 😘😍

  • XycorXycor

    Author Reply

    Gary is pure hearted and honest thats why he got kind and beautiful wife and a genius son ❤

  • I dont mad he leave rm, it his choice. But his choice to married without rm member, made me think did he hate rm member? Did he regret be the one of rm?? Did they just work partner? So he not friend with them?
    If he show us, his time time with them when he married or just small lunch or dinner for his married, i will never ask again. But he went, like he doesnt want to meet them😑😑😑

  • okay but Gary’s wife is gorgeous-
    no wonder Gary left the show
    They have their own perfect family

  • 난 슈화 줄 알았어


    Author Reply

    cuteness overload and gary still the same after the hiatus

  • Is it just me or does she look like Im Soo-jung (from Chicago typewriter)??
    SN: She is absolutely beautiful

  • i clicked cus i thought it was heechul in the thumbnail

  • She looks like yg in the thumbnail tbh

  • JKsJKs

    Author Reply

    His wife is as pretty as Song Ji Hyo

  • His wife is so pretty 🥰 Im so happy for him. I cried so much when he left running man but knowing that he's now happy with his life I am more than happy 🥰


    Author Reply

    Omg she's so pretty. Her and Haoh have the same eyes

  • kivomkivom

    Author Reply

    Miss kim is so pretty, I love how her hair is so healthy

  • " im satisfied "

    Good boy

  • gary ''andwae'' remind me of his runningman days where he always shouted ''stress''

  • Ru RuRu Ru

    Author Reply

    Gary's wife looked like heechul from that angle (thumbnail), maybe because of the smile. Haha! I thought that he had guested to the show before reading the title. 😁

  • In the thumbnail, she looks like Chen of EXO for me haha

  • Cutest father n son, gary and ha o ♡his wife is pretty too ♡ im glad seeing gary like this ㅠㅠ♡♡

  • Mama nya cantik ya….

  • Gary wife look like jisoo blackpink 😅

  • she is pretty wah ❤🙈