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Well-dressed Kim Jong Kook Takes Care of Song Ji Hyo [Running Man Ep 467]

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  • Btob made a really good song!!! 😘😘

  • Se Chan is an underrated rapper

  • shocks korean songs is amazing even though i cant understand its heartmelting 😭

  • Every time I watch this and their theme song, I always got teary eyed. It's been 10 years. They have been together through ups and downs, yet they are still strong. I stan these members.

  • 2020 still miss rm🥺🥺🥺

  • I love song ji hyo's voice. Hahaha if she can learn to sing, i thought it will be the best because the tone is so fucking like sweets. Blend with jong kook hyung. Waaaa

  • Wow 💕

  • Somin's voice is so sweet😍

  • Why don't people notice about jeon somin a lot?? her voice is very beautiful and full of charm. she's so amazing.

  • Seokjin's vocals surprised me. They are amazing

  • aku berharap mereka datang ke negara kita .MALAYSIA

  • They all sing so well ♥️

  • i found se chan is very attractive

  • Asia Prince 😘

  • haha and se chan its so cool

  • f. hf. h

    Author Reply

    Suk jin's high note <3

  • kwang soo really be looking so handsome here, tho 🥺

  • I can't understand why they disliked
    In my eyes they are toooooo cute❣️🥺
    Their voice are amazing 🥺🥺♥️♥️
    They are my Kings and queens♥️♥️🥺🥺

  • Why is nobody talking about Somin!! She looks BOMBBBB

  • All of their voice is so good

  • Jong Kook is wearing pants!!!!

  • Ayaw ko maging Negative pero ALAM natin isang araw aalis si ji hyo sa RM, hinde pa ako ready eh! Na iimagined ko pa Lang nasasaktan na ako

  • Kim Joong Kook and Ji Seok Jin nice voice. Haha and Se Chan delivers rap nicely.

  • I wish i could go to their concert here in the Philippines however I'm in the province part of our country. The expenses are so expensive 😭

  • Can't we have a moment to appreciate how Seok jin did that high part UwU

  • Ji Hyo voice❤

  • Seok jin though

  • seriously,i really love them

  • I imagine them watching BTOB perform OOFM 😭

    These two are my extended families. Haha got Ilhoon's vibe so much 💙

    Seokjin sooo impressive 👏

  • ChillChill

    Author Reply

    Im so sure this is BtoB’s song…. tysm Running Man

  • Best wei


    Author Reply


  • Running man singing BTOB Only one for me is a blessing ….I hope they invite BTOB when they are complete again ….. Waiting for ot7

  • Watching this makes me cry. I dont want them to go

  • kassdkassd

    Author Reply

    I loved the song because of them and i tried listening to the original mv but their version is my favorite😍

  • They are talented

  • Seok jin's voice is not a joke OMG he's a good singer

  • Woaaawwww so pleasing to hear…all of them sing sooo well! I feel very touched. Im happy that i stan the right people.❤

  • Lee Kwang Soo really is a warm man tho, he wasn’t just pretending ☹️ He’s super sweet especially to his noona, Ji Hyo

  • I have so many things to say….
    But! I'll just say one thing;

    I've never find a group so perfect as this and I love love love!!!