Turkey Mouth Call – The PURR – (EASY)

In this Turkey Mouth Call tutorial we go over the PURR on a diaphragm. Once you get the basic yelp figured out, the next step is the purr! Be sure to subscribe for more turkey call tips and tons of turkey hunting content coming this spring! The call used in this video is the JT Calls BATWING! The link is listed below! Thank you for watching!!


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  • The real question is does jake shoot jakes or toms 🤔🤔

  • Uvula Shaker was easy I do it for doves

  • If you practice the lip technique awhile it works great. I get a huge range of sounds from it. Gotten a lot easier to call them in.

  • Chewbacca!!!

  • I’m starting to figure out the uvula pur but dang it’s tough I can’t get the pur to happen just not consistently but practice makes perfect

  • Uvula is the easiest and the best

  • I gagged 5 times trying this

  • So basically I have to sound like Chewbacca out in the woods and stick a diaphragm in my mouth and out comes a purr? Cool

  • I started with lips. Moved to tongue. Now I’m trying the uvula. Dang it’s hard but I think I will get it. Great video

  • I can't do any!

  • I gotta flap my tongue

  • Terrible audio… this deaf former M1 Abrams tanker can barely hear ya brother

  • Jake, thanks for the great video………but UNFORTUNATELY my uvula was partially removed when I was 5 (YEAH, old as dirt!!!!! Another person that had tonsils removed). I will try my best, but do appreciate your instructional format.

  • Yea, dominate birds if you hit a quiet, slow but deep purr the bird will be running to try to kill that bird who wants to fight, less dominate birds will turn and run

  • Got it! Thanks

  • Not buddys all get mad because i mastered the purr many years augo.i only hunt with my brother & my 2 best friends.all want me to call for them lol.

  • Helpful !

  • Can i use my vulva instead?

  • I use my uvula shaker method… just seems easier and more practical

  • If someone cannot use their uvula, I recommend that they don’t use that call.

  • JT 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • I’ve wanted to learn this kinda stuff forever but I gag even watching other people put one of those in their mouth. I can’t get past my gag

  • Can you give insight on how to cluck

  • Started with lips, went to the tongue, want to do the first tho. God that’s hard tho lol

  • 🇹🇷🤚🏻 Hello İs Turkey