TURKEY CALLING TIPS | Box Calls For Beginners

Box calls are a great options for beginner turkey callers. They’re easy to use and more versatile than most people think. Jeff Propst has been turkey hunting for over 40 years, and one of his favorite calls to use is still a box call. In this video, he discusses different kinds of box calls, and the different kinds of turkey sounds you can make on them. Whether you are new to turkey calling/hunting, or been in the woods for years, consider learning how to use a box call to add one more weapon in your arsenal this spring!


Primos Clear Cutter Wood Grain Box Call –


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  • Very helpful—thanks!

  • Love it got one 😀

  • Just to let some of you new guys to hunting Turkey. Don't be blasting on a box every 10 mins. Soft calls after you hear the Tom close.

  • Awesome tips on box calls, very informative. You might like to check out a quick review i have on box calls, thanks

  • Where can I get that box?

  • RandyRandy

    Author Reply

    Very helpful for this first time turkey hunter…..thanks.

  • thank you. best box tutorial i ha e watched so far

  • Great video! Check out the hunt on my page!

  • One thing to remember chalk is your friend on a box call try not to touch the where it makes contact you don't want the oils getting on there that's my 2 cents good video

  • Great video just what a novice paddle call user like me needs. I'm very good with a pot or mouth calls but just really starting to try a paddle call.
    Could you please list the two paddle calls you used and a link to who sells them

  • What call is that

  • Good stuff. Love a box call myself.

  • I have a quacker boy lil one Sider box call that I've had for 20 yrs maybe that will make your ears ring when I'm hammering it on the ridges trying to strike a bird up when nothing else will ,I absolutely love that little box .