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"TROS Ep 281" NEW BABY 💕💕 Jam Jam Cut Full Version [The Return of Superman E281]

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  • I'm from the future
    She grows up to be a amazing child in a year
    Now she is prettier, sweeter, funnier with her own love life drama

  • They are playing fromis_9 fun! 😍

  • Soyul does looked like Jisoo black pink

  • h ih i

    Author Reply

    i cant believe it’s already been a year since jam jam has been on tros, she was so tiny 🥺💗

  • Why is Jam Jam so cute 🥺

  • Jami don't grow up ❤️

  • he looks like hwang hyunjin of stray kids😍 so cute

  • 2020

  • Why they not invited hyunjin straykids, so jamjam can meet with her twins

  • Aaa jam jam really resemble hyunjin skz, it's like watching baby hyunjin,
    Hope they can meet each other sometimes ~

  • I love you Jam Jam. Hope I can have a baby like you 💘❤😆. Soooooo Adorable 💋💋💋

  • The show should allow Mom in their daily lives. Not only Dads because babies suffer without a Mothers's presence.

  • She is so cute

  • C AC A

    Author Reply

    Boi it's been 9 months??

  • Jamjam with exo please~

  • OMG SO CUTE ><

  • Other netz should stop commenting negatively towards this family. If you already watched this episode you can see that they raised Heeyul so well. 😍❤️

  • What's with the thumbs downs? How is Jam-Jam not cute and adorable?


  • I CAnt HanDLe hEr CUTENESS 😭

  • My favorite baby ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love jamjam ❤️❤️❤️

  • Very cozy and cute family ❤️✨

  • 12:53

  • Literally the sweetest baby. Many blessings over their family

  • i love jam jam, she's cute yet clever. i can't help her cuteness 😭😭😭💞💞

  • Love this couple… happy and blessed having jam2. Cute and adorable sweet family

  • She's very caring for her age. Most kids her age don't care about anything except eat, play, sleep and cry. But this kid tried to clean and give food to the guests, and even take care of his dad. Lol

  • She's so cuteee 😍

  • i wish minhwan's baby will be the next tros family

  • This is delusional but I'm always imagining my ships that one day they will end up here too 🥰
    How about u ? Do you want your ships end here as well?

  • s kims kim

    Author Reply

    She is so gorgeous

  • glad heejun got on the show. he gets so much hate. smart move to show those haters that hes living a happy life. if i had a daughter like that i would like to show off to.

  • Blackpinkkkk

  • Please always be happy and healthy ❤

  • can someone plsss tell me the song at 2:18

  • They really love each other how cute