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"TROS E385" Gun Hoo & Na Eun Cut Full Version [The Return of Superman Ep 285]

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  • At least this man has a hanky to wipe Gunhoo's nose – his father never has anything to wipe his nose.

  • This siblings are so gentle and angelic…. ❣️

  • Always losing his shoes, lol…

  • I love the way Gunhoo enjoys nature; all the cute little oohs & woahs sound that he made. Also appreciate that Kwanghee appropriately Focus a little more on a Gunhoo since he’s younger. I don’t even see that kind of attention from Junhoo.

  • Zz

  • How come all the thumbnails have been only Gunhoo lately and non of NaEun?

  • Gunhoo's red cheeks😍

  • The BGM pick me T^T

  • Your so cute Gunhoo i really2x like you so much. Naun also she's amazing baby girl.. 😍😍😘😘

  • kwanghee is nation's samchon

  • Good job, Uncle! 😊👍👍👍👍

  • Saw gunhoo's face then click to watch 😍

  • Am i the only one feel bless to hear WannaOne voice here . Seeing Naeun n Geunho with JaCheol is interesting . Documentary feels 💕

  • 😂😁😄😅😆👌💙

  • if jooho was there i think he'd be scared eith the peacock too 😂

  • Hahaha I am Gunhoo when my parents talk to other people..

  • Gunhoo always have an epic reaction towards everything.

  • Naeun and gunhoo’s wardrobe tho ❤️💯

  • Its nice to hear wanna one's song as a background song.

  • I'm kinda confuse… KBS is not uploading a full episodes of TROS anymore after ep 282. 😰😪😏

  • 3:38
    plays "Stay with me"

    That came from nowhere 😂 !! This is one of my favorite family ! I just love Eden and Aciel !(•ө•)♡ ..

  • This kids really is my stress reliever 😍 I cant let the day past not seeing them. My phone memory is phone because of this two 😂😍

  • Kocowa always put, "Naeun&Gunhoo full cut" but it's not really full. Kocowa always cut down a lot of good scene. Please stop putting "Full cut" if it's not really full. It's deceiving!! But thank you for the videos.

  • Still Kwanghee samchon is the best samchon of all because it is happy and lively and I felt that too I suddenly miss him 😭

  • I’m so in love with Naeun🥰🥰😘😘

  • They have the best expression

  • Gunhoo is much happier with Kwang Hee

  • Gunhoo spinning and clapping to every music he likes is sooooo adorable 😍

  • Gunhoo is my source of happiness ❣️❣️❣️ He makes me forget about my miserable days

  • Ep285

  • I think that when Gunhoo gets aggressive it’s because it’s time for a nap. He still needs his naps.

  • Love watching Na un & Gunhoo.. so cute and lovely, Gunhoo with peacock is funny to see. And both Kwanghee & K J Cheol are great sitter for Naun n Gunhoo that made them so happy & have fun time with