Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Board Games

NOTE – Number #4 is a voice over and louder than the rest of the vid; sorry about that 馃檨 . Happy holidays, everyone! Today is one of two videos I’m doing for the gift-giving season, today starting with stocking stuffer board games! Physically small games that pack a lot of fun! Be sure to check out my Patreon to potentially become a direct supporter –

Feels like forever since it’s been the holiday season, but it is upon us once again! As fir first entry into a two part special, here I look at and discuss my 10 favorite stocking stuffer-sized board and card games. Physically small packages, but ones that pack a lot of punch strategically and fun-wise. In particular, I also tried to focus mostly on games that aren’t too theme-heavy, and are more enjoyable to pretty much anyone.

How about YOU all? What’re your favorite giftable games, and why? Are there any particular games you’ve received that you love? Let me know in the comments!

Number 10 –
Number 9 –
Number 8 –
Number 7 –
Number 6 –
Number 5 –
Number 4 –
Number 3 –
Number 2 –
Number 1 –

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  • Pretty good idea! Good job with this one.

  • The mind and get bit…and if it's a bigger stocking the resistance

  • very nice list you need to do a top ten trick taking games! Also skull king german version is awesome around 12 dollars.

  • Nice list, I like it. The Mind and Herbaceous springs to mind. Herbaceous is just a beauty 鉁岎煆

  • Mint works!!

  • nice. My small gift of choice this year will be Trash Pandas.

  • Great list. The stocking stuffer for me this year is 鈥淚 Would Fight The Dragon鈥 by CatDragon Games. It is a cheap game with good art. It is a bluffing game that can be easy like 鈥淚 Would Fight The Dragon, but I was using my shield as a frying pan.鈥 Then you pass a card to someone that can add to the pile of cards, or call your bluff. The first person to get all the gear has to fight the dragon and the rest live. It is a fun simple game and if you are a person that likes storytelling games it can expand widely with the bluff, but if you are not great at storytelling the art is different enough to give you help.