Top 10 BEST Waifu Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!?

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  • I don’t care about new legacy support, new archetypes, or OCG exclusives like the Creator of Light coming to the TCG, but I do care about Magi Magi Magician Gal being released in english. For the love of god, Kazuki, or Konami, or whoever the heck is responsible for holding this card back from an international release all these years, you’ve gotta get over yourselves. You can’t just not release a Dark Magician support card, so why would you stop us from getting a Dark Magician Girl support card? If it’s the art, you’re fooling yourselves into believing it’s either too smexy, too religious, or both. That’s bananas crazy nonsense. And if you’re going to release the original DMGirl artwork as a lost art promo in a few months, there’s not even a single excuse left for not releasing this card that so many of us have really wanted for our collections for ages. Side rant: Konami in Japan literally teaches little kids to play Yugioh through dedicated mangas and events meant for kids. Are you saying that Japanese kids should be looking at Harpy Lady just letting it all out? Are they more mature than kids anywhere else on the planet? Like what are you even saying with this censorship thing, Konami? Whyyyyyyy are you playing with our emotionssssss???
    Okay lol, rant and mini-rant over. Sorry everyone. It’s just such an awesome looking card that was hand drawn by the creator himself, to commemorate an anniversary of the game. That’s just so cool, and it’s such a shame.

  • Why no Saffira, queen of dragons? Her father is Thousand dragon.

  • Davinator referring to traps as Schrodinger’s dick is the funniest thing I’ve come across today

  • No ventdra?! 0/10

  • Dark Scorpion – Meanae the Thorn, i like her the most.

  • I love Harpie Conductor i’ll admit it


  • Nobody:
    Not a Single Soul:
    Google: Raid: Shadow Legends is the most ambitious crossover..
    Me: Skip! Skip! Skip!

  • No Tiaramisu? I'm disappointed.

  • My waifu card is Maiden With Eyes of Blue. :3

  • dreamspirte

  • This brave man tautgh me "if you can't beat it, yeet it

  • D… D… D… Dian Keto the Cure Master? Ankhs? BIG CLEAVEAGES? NO!

  • Funniest video I’ve seen on your channel 😂

  • Leodancer's thighs are wider than her upper body. Just wanted to drop this.

  • Im pleased that ma fav girl got this list 2nd place. So the actual NR. 1 place of Waifus

  • Of course Minerva (xyz one) and Weather Painter Rainbow are not here………

  • Where's the best card in all of yugioh, HEAVYMETALFOES ELECTRUMITE

  • Davanator1212 is gay

  • Best YGO Waifu is Akiza Izinski…dark past and a constant internal struggle to do right in the face of it, all while being a good and loyal friend, as well as being quite powerful with her manifestation powers. Oh…and she's really hot too. Best husbando is Jesse Anderson…a very warm-hearted guy who cares about basically everything and everyone, with a special connection to one of the cutest creatures in any anime ever. Also, he's really hot. His dub accent is really his only downside, but flawless people are boring.

  • How about a top 10 worst Waifus in the future? (No urgent desire)
    A few suggestions:
    Vampir Fraulein: While she is cute, she is not only a vampire, but also a Fräulein, which is German for unmarried woman. Thus, if you make her your waifu, she turns into Vampire Lady, who is significantly less cute. Sometimes marriage changes people in a bad direction…
    Traptrix Atrax: might not only be underaged, but you never know if she actually likes you or if she just wants to feed you to her pet spider. (I guess this works for every Traptrix)
    Allure Queen of Dorkness Lvl 7: Not only is she probably evil, even if she is not, she will demand so much effort from you for her sake and will give you so few in return…
    Elemental Hero Neos (wait, that is a husbando. But a really bad one, so its allright): You know, relationships with superheroes are difficult, they will always stay away to save the world or something. But this guy is ridiculous. When he bonds with someone, it will only last until the end phase. Unless either you are outer space, or you are a member of the marine forces. (Yes, Marine Neos is the only one that does not return to the extra deck during the end phase)

  • Unknown anime only effect of the Lady of D. Card is that it can if Little D is on the field, it’s sent to the graveyard and summons Big D.

    JK love your channel.

  • out of all of em i say the sexiest waifu is muka muka

  • dante and speedwagon best waifus

  • Subbed

  • Yubel best waifu?


  • Shut up Dave! This is the quality cringe content I came here for!

  • Im a little salty x-saber any piranha isn't on here.

  • Seriously… no Sky Striker Ace cards…my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • Waifu cards are Tight!

  • This list is garbage wtf

  • Dark magician girl not number 1
    No thunder nyan nyan
    No goddess of whim
    No charmers????
    NO DIGNITY!!!!

  • Subbed for the goofy content lol

  • Dragon Horn Hunter is my waifu

  • Good lord nobody picked water optimics because of her Japanese artwork

  • 😂😂😂

  • No darklord ixchel:(