Tommy & Joel Quality Time | The Last Of Us 2 Pt. 7 | Marz Plays

In part 7, we continue our way through Hillcrest in search of Tommy while being hunted by the WLF only to find Jesse has joined the party instead. Once reunited with Dina, we get an important flashback between Ellie, Tommy and Joel, where Ellie confronts Joel about the Fireflies.

A huge thank you to PlayStation for a free copy of The Last of Us Part II for us to experience!

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  • interesting, I didnt have the 2nd wave at the hotel because I sneaked on all of them

  • Seeing Joel as the overbearing try hard dad seems like the natural progression for his character. Joel is trying so hard because of the guilt of his lie. Ellie's treating him poorly because she's a teen that's lost trust in the one person she trusted.

  • 7:00 he THICC 😫😩

  • It gets over 100 here easily in California.

  • M V PM V P

    Author Reply

    Do you really enjoy this game??? I played but it was such a let down from the first one. There was cool parts but overall the writing was terrible and Abby is like the worst female character I have ever seen it's not her muscles or the way she looks she just has terrible writing. TESS FROM TLOS1 was how you make a great badass female character. The overall story was just whatever imo…

  • There was some 'secret' dialog (and collectables) between Ellie and Tommy if you decide to explore the loockout, right before leaving for the strings, while Joel waits outside. Tommy talks about how he and Joel often try to get assigned to that outpost/patrol route because that loockaout has the nicest views and it's so cozy. Ahh some good ol' fraternal bonding after a long day clearing Jackson's vicinity of infected

  • My July 4th was good, very smokey. Thanks Marz, hope yours was good too.

  • I tried, i really tried. I can't watch this anymore. You're terrible at shooting games. You need to use "listen' far more often. You need start shooting more instead I'd constantly trying to melee. Good luck though.

  • You are always playing so well with all games and have a true hearted genuine reactions. Always love them & you hun! 💖💖🌸😊🤗

  • Horrible arm tattoo why do it

  • Honestly I just run and avoid us much as I can through these parts with lots of enemies. It's really not necessary to try kill everyone. It looks so very un-cinematic when you lay there getting blasted like 20 times and heal yourself up while in the middle of a fight. But it's a matter of play style preference I guess.

  • People need to stop backseat gaming and let people play their way. It's not that Ellie didn't care that Shimmer died, it's that she didn't have time to. Deep down she was probably upset, she just didn't have time to show it.

  • At 51:50 yes Marz we know what you mean this is some hollywood bullshit: The enemy of my enemy is my friend…No BIG mistake…if you study history the Enemy of my enemy is my temporary ALLY not your FRIEND. Maybe it is not for nothing that you don't remember this quote…maybe it is because deep inside of know it is bullshit that's why you don't remember. Take care Marz

  • I"m in love with this playthrough.. she's always trying to look the whole scenario, and it's amazing to watch! And she gets emotional just like me 🤣

  • 1..12

  • press x with the rifle and you will look down the actual scope

  • sange w cuu

  • Trick kill dog handler first the dog will hover over body making for still easy target

  • 6:45 "Which way is he looking I can't even tell?!?"
    They're blind honey.

  • SevSev

    Author Reply

    No, that's not a circus tent at 53:28 that is a fumigation tent. People use that as a disguise to make meth

  • I can't believe Ellie didn't die from a heart attack because Marz makes her run for miles while panicking.

  • KorraKorra

    Author Reply

    Why didn't Joel tell her that she would NEVER have gotten an opportunity to ask the Fireflies questions? They were gonna kill her without her consent. That they were gonna waste her life on an idealistic cure (ASSUMING IT WORKED) that would never reach the general population? How the fudge would these randoms outside of Jackson get the cure? The Fireflies were being exterminated. They couldn't defend themselves against one freaking guy (Joel), let alone hordes of unsavory gangs who'd hunt them down for a cure. They'd just keep it for themselves, and preferably keep it a secret.

  • whoa… 😮 i'm literally the difference between 3.9k and 4k likes, thats kinda cool honestly lol

  • It’s fun seeing you panicking 🙂

  • the way u interact n talk while playing is amazing , and u r so beautiful omg ♥

  • Marz ,I just recently starting watching ur video and I enjoy them 😉 keep it up ur awesome

  • How helpless she is sometimes, its adorable and hilarious 😀 she didnt even recognize a Flight passage as such and tried to hide

  • This is a good channel

  • "Come get me assholes."

    That sentence really needs a comma.

  • He's got a gentleman vibe
    Proceeds to put feet on table

  • She's acting like this because she is 16 years old. And she feels like he's lying to her

  • Awww cute puppy 🐕🐕

  • There was one thing you actually caught on the last playthrough, only problem was when you were talking to the camera, it timed out on the game 😂

    It was the triangle above Joel, it wasn't dialogue, it was Ellie going to put the hat she was wearing on Joel 😅

  • G CG C

    Author Reply

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." It's a saying that has been attributed to a few ancient writers… probably said by a few of them. It's all about temporary alliances to take down an enemy too powerful to be taken down by just one.

  • This absolutely was one of the hardest parts of the game. I had a lot of problems as well 😅

  • You are the best dog killer I’ve ever seen

  • Amazing video love you video 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Yay meow yay anime cuddle ellie and dina 😻😻😻

  • Yay meow yay anime cuddle Harley Quinn and squirrel girl and raven and she hulk and star fire and sue and holly bell and toga and robin and nami and cat women and wonder women and rukia and hinata 😻😻😻

  • Marz, seeing someone pinned between two cars and shooting them anyway: for good measure (I did the same thing shsjsj I was like at least he’s still now so I can’t miss)

  • AeonAeon

    Author Reply

    It's not that you're missing stuff Marz, EVERYBODY misses stuff in games, including myself. But sometimes there are obvious things to look at and/or to search that are right in front of you and you totally overlook them. Just asking you to keep an eye out and look around, that's all. But don't worry if people are being inconciderate, we know you're doing your best at looking around searching for stuff.

  • Your bow skills are impressive. I always miss lmao

  • hey you missed something