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This place must be like paradise to William and Bentley [The Return of Superman Ep 325]

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  • ahhh kiyowooooo

  • Guys Remeber when they met kanghoon William asks Kanghoon if he has a girlfriend and then kanghoon said "I don't have" and then william said "I have 3 girlfriends, Gina,Hayul and Sabin" and Gina was the First In the List🤧😂Gina's beautiful though😘

  • I love how Ji Na has her own mini kitchen, so cute

  • I don't know why but I'm happy to see Jina's faces. She has the good vibes where seeing her could make you smile happily 💖

  • Hayul, Sabin and now Jina seriously William? 😂😂😂😂

  • William : girlfriend
    Bentley : food
    Bentley's great singer 😘😘😘

  • ____

    Author Reply

    0:14 <3

  • William is so handsome

  • Omg william 😍😍😍

  • William you're so good at making girls happy 😁❤️

  • I'm amazed at how Bentley knew and remembered that ABC tone! He's still a baby! I bet he'll be a great singer❤️

  • aiyoo william such a player… 😂

  • Bentley voice cute and crunchy

  • bentley carrying all that food HAHAHAHA

  • Jina just answers 'yes' and william already said 'she's look cute when she talks'. She is his first girlfriend tho after sabin and hayul 😂

  • Hope to see bentley sing a whole alphabet song someday <3

  • William is best son,brother,and boyfrd

  • William: I a good man I'll protect women.
    Bentley: So foods are mine 😁

  • Bentlye follows his brother everywhere but he doesn't forget to Carry food with him

  • Another girlfriend again, William?
    Gosh 😂

  • William: dad i want to stay here so I can live with Jina and protect her too 😅

  • Is Will older than Jina? By how much? If so Jina is really tall for her age

  • Oh boy😁😁. William's heart flutters every time there is a cute girl😍😍..kilig here.

  • N FN F

    Author Reply

    Ben’s singing is so cuteee

  • 1:55 kiyowoooo 😍

  • william is a natural flirty hehe

    he’s good at talking and acting sweet

  • bentley is a great singer 😁

  • William and Bentley are 😍adorable

  • 🥰❤🥰❤