The MOST Misunderstood Cranial Nerve Exam ASMR

Many of you have been asking for a unintelligible – inaudible speaking video.. so, i figured id give you a cranial nerve exam as well.. hopefully the results will induce relaxation, tingles and eventually sleep.. there is a strong possibility that this also causes mass tingulation on a grand scale.. we use only the purest of ASMR technology for our clients… enjoy! Much Love, Doc
This is an ASMR video, its designed to promote relaxation, Asmr tingles & sleep. My content is intended for all ages to enjoy, thnx for stopping by.. Much Love, Dr. T
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  • Mom: how’d you sleep?
    Me: I slept good I had a visit to the doctor!
    Mom: wtf are you talking about?

  • He's just reading his doctors note

  • It looks like I’m getting inspected by the Mafia in a club

  • when he said “heddhehffuhftklttklkkftfhrhh”
    i felt that

  • 16:00 my cousin flexing his new toys

  • He's reading my enchanted books

  • Am I the only one that loves his voice?his voice is a one of a kind😭I get mad tingles to his voice

  • Anyone else just chilling hitting a Juul and watching this is the room with led lights on and chilling out

  • ok but do u have a whole video with that block of wood cause that was my fav part

  • I'm reading these comments and I'm pretty sure you all *misunderstand* what's going on in this cranial nerve exam.

  • Why is his outfit so drip though??!!?

  • Ok but he didn’t say his name in this one 🥺

  • Not all ASMRtists know how to do unintelligible. . It mostly ends up being an irritating mumble, but Dr T here speaks it fluently, you know he is saying something – not faking it – and a full range of letter sounds is there. .

    Thank you for being good at what you do 😀

  • My man talking in minecraft enchantment

  • Walmart item scanner 👀

  • Why do my left ass cheek starts vibing while watching this 😕

  • I think I'm going to call a priest…

  • You come to me with soap,

  • Imagine if there was captions

  • Why is it that sometimes he sounds like gman

  • 0:57 mans said “I need to calibrate my controller right quick”

  • At about 11:00 I turned it up pretty much all the way and I my eyes just kind of zoned out so I could focus more on the words

    I legit thought I was having a stroke and was to tired to do much more than sigh 😂
    (To be fair it was pretty late and all but 3 of my brain cells were shut down lol)

  • He used a vr controller as like a thermometer for ur head at 1:00

  • Do anyone know what he say xD

  • The Language of the Gods

  • What he say I don't understand ..

  • This is one of your best videos ever

  • Wait is this guy the "the narrator"

  • imagine him being on vr chat and someone asks him if he has a channel be like:
    him: oh yeah i do!
    other person: how many subs?
    him: 417k.
    other person: oh-
    other person: whats your channel name?
    him: Dr. T
    other person: oka-
    him: ASMR.
    other person: O_O

  • this comment section is entertaining

  • Best Part when he said deploying delicious

  • The only man in the world who can speak Minecraft Enchanting table

  • Ауе бродяга

  • This is from Eminem's new album.

  • I think I went blind when he shined that laser

  • Stop saying random things like hehsgdhndcdtshsbdvd stop that shit just role play

  • Idk why but the vr controller gave me thmost tingels