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💛 Guest Starring 💛
YourPalRoss – @YourPalRoss
Oogapooki – @Oogapooki
Ashlie9596 – @Ashlie9596
Jeremiah –

💛 Thumbnail Art By: Kitzo 💛

📀 Game Used
Table Top Simulator!

📀 Music Provided
Epidemic Sound

#Waifu #WaifuDebate #TheGreatWaifuDebate


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  • Could you do a husbando version

  • only reson speedwagon in not hear is because hes too op

  • I wanna see a Great Waifu Debate where they get Jibril, Hestia, Darkness, and "Firetruck Girl".

  • i need a link to this game pleaseeeeeeee

  • Wheres REEEEEEM

  • i don’t think anyone understands the happiness i felt when i saw saeko busijima return



  • Great husbando debate next please!!

  • Simply use rapidviews(google it) they have lifetime guarantee for views and with high watch time. EASY!

  • 4:16 bEaUtIfUl

  • Am not a weeb just a person who is very interested in Japanese shows and have watched 30 different animes

  • I'm currently watching God eater, and Alisa is best girl!

  • I love Saeko Busujima shes my waifu

  • I laugh that you got Arcueid and Saber in the exact same round considering they're essentially from the same anime universe. Though, Arcueid could definitely kick saber's ass considering she's an immortal invincible-ish vampire

  • WscWsc

    Author Reply

    Is this available on the steam workshop?

  • Yall should do more of these with SAO and maybe K characters

  • Fremy Speeddraw is a character that is a shooter and the gun has magic powers, It's a REALLY good anime recomend watching it! But she's not a main character in the beginning tho, TvT

  • I thought Jess and Jason were the greatest Waifu and Husbando.

  • I know Max said not to get mad but the fact they chose waifus based on looks instead of their actual personalities is slightly irritating ngl

  • me: wishes my hero academia
    realizes most are under 18

  • Jibril yes

  • I wonder, will they be a hunsbando version for this

  • But why where there two shiros?

  • DFC means Delicious Flat Chest.

  • Listen Pooki and Jerry have no class these are high class animes they are hating like come on

  • "Sorry if we piss you off because we haven't watched the anime or we don't like your waifu", " Get over it, they're not real" Max's commentary is amazing.

  • Talks about Asseylum:
    Probably dies in the first episode
    …not too far off from the truth

  • as i was watching this my dad walked in on the moment that you zoomed in on the chest while saying "she has nice lungs" lmao

  • Saber is red and not blue

  • I am butt hurt that no Jojo waifus like foo fighters or yukako was in the deck
    0/10 worse game

  • I’m not on Jerry’s side or anything no respect for the boi, but not too much disrespect. But I honestly agree with him that Hestia is super overrated, I’m not a fan personally.