Thai Lion Air flight report of the Airbus A330 flight from Bangkok to Tokyo (Don Mueang – Narita), on the Lion Comfort Class.

Onboard the A330-300 aircraft, this red-eye flight takes 5 hours and 15 minutes. Buy-on-board service is conducted after take off and 2 hours before arrival. Passengers who pre-ordered hot meals are also served 2 hours before arrival. A complimentary light refreshment is also served.

All seats on this A330 feature touchscreen entertainment, which has a large selection of Hollywood and Asian movies.

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  • @FlightTravels Was the turbulence rough and often was it?

  • For once Lion air is actually impressing

  • สจ๊วตน่ารักๆๆ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lin GLin G

    Author Reply

    Took the same flight .. plesantly surprised with big (and new)TV screens with USB connection and snacks (sandwich _quite a large serving)

  • Too good for this


  • mickmick

    Author Reply

    ผมขึ้นไปโตเกียว SL301

  • Look the male flight attendant….what a sullen face

  • 2:41 above monitor is malaysian languange , no thai languange?

  • Thanks for an interesting flight review! 9 abreast on the A330 looks a bit tight to be called “Comfort”! 😅 how was the legroom? In that class, you get one complimentary snack? The buy in board selection looks quite decent and reasonable priced. Strange how during the landing prep, the female FA tied the curtains, but the male one secured them closed…..There seems to be a lie flat “business class” up front. Wonder how that is compared to other airlines” premium offerings.

  • The first flight attendant on the entry door, her smile is too stiff.

  • very bad video

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  • DavidDavid

    Author Reply

    Think they have a poor safety record

  • The Lion Air group from Indonesia

  • How was your experience with lion air?

  • LION is basically nice airlines low cost but safety issue is worried me

  • 330neo??

  • Lion air group.

  • How I wish there was an English translation for every announcement given.

  • เหมือนยังใหม่ไปหมดด 555 น่ารักก

  • The engine takeoff were loud and a good video FlightTravels keep it up take care

  • Thanks for this review Flight travels

  • The male flight attendant didn’t look very friendly and happy

  • 3x3x3 configuration on this plane is a no go!!Most uncomfortable experience!

  • How many class?

  • thanks for sharing this, Gavin. First time seeing Thai Lion Air A330 report. nice vid

  • Hi Gavin nice trip report on lion air

  • the Thai Lion's A330 is suppose for Malindo Air/Batik Air, but both carrier had a problem with their route using A330, so they decide give the A330 to Thai Lion, that's why u will noticed a malay stickers appear on board. hope you understand 😄

  • looks like good value for money and the seats look comfortable..however the cabin crew seem to look disinterested

  • Excellent 👍👍

  • another great video. would like to try Thai Lion Air one day.