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Sung Hoon Goes in the Water While Holding Yanghee [Home Alone Ep 332]

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  • Can someone tell me what breed yanghee is

  • Yanghee just doesn’t wanna swim, I wish I was next to them 😇😇

  • This man is gorgeous I must stop watching him …I am getting addicted to him I can’t take it anymore 😂🤍🤍🤍I am not vain,, because I think everyone ist beautiful I guess it’s not only about his look, but the way he behaves what he says and and what he does…besides If I had such a man on my side, I’d be jealous all the time.🥰🤩 would kill me 😉

  • So cute! 😍😍😍

  • what is yanghee breed?

  • NinaNina

    Author Reply

    Is this his new house??

  • I wish I was the dog 😂😂 he’ll wait patiently for me

  • How about you pretend to be drowning ???

  • Anyone know the song
    in the beginning?

  • sung hoon is so daddy nshdkdndk . 😂

  • Can i be yanghee?

  • Oh, was there a dog in that video?

  • Yanghee and Sung Hoon make a great pair. Sung Hoon is very patient and Yanghee is very brave. Love them so much! Hwaiting!👌👍👏❤🥰😍😘❣

  • Yang Hee such a lucky girl 💜💜

  • Yangheee

  • This is nice but it’s not good to train a dog in the water like this I would suggest a life jacket. Also to not the dog totally submerged in the water.

  • he takes care of yang hee so well. :))

  • h zolh zol

    Author Reply

    Every episode of yang hee will show her trying to overcome her fears on new things and sung hoon patiently waiting for her. My favorite human dog combi ❤❤❤

    Ps: how can someone can still look so handsome in the water 😳😳

  • Que fofoooo,ele é apenas um bebê….e o cachorro não gosta de água kkakakaak