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Special Video for Age Notification [Running Man Ep 386]

Running man members are recording special video for age notification for this program Running Man.
But it is hard to not laugh…LOL
Click the link down below to watch full episode.

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  • Hahahaha..

  • K KKK KK

    Author Reply

    the funniest thing is, they used the first take on air LMAO

  • Somin is not funny (To me). Because of her the rest of members suffer. I mean Why can't she say that one simple sentence properly.

  • Where can i watch this episode with English subtitles?

  • Can anyone stop somin. This is not cute but annoying

  • The funny thing is it is really included in the opening, what somin said that YJS is stupid 😂

  • Watching this again.. Still laughing so hard.. Love Runnuing Man.. 😉

  • Ya NaYa Na

    Author Reply


  • I'm really sad to see so much hate against JSJ on this comments section! Like he's the oldest member there and his role is integral. He was being greedy but in the end it only resulted in this scene for us fans being able to laugh at LKS and SJH's reactions. Appreciate that instead of commenting horrible things jeez it's all a joke at the end of the day for the members.
    This "fandom" (and i use that term loosely) is so disappointing with all the hate comments. If it's not JSM it's YSC if it's not him it's JSJ if it's not him it's people moaning about Gary leaving (move on people go follow him on TRoS) or the PD. Why can't people just watch and enjoy it why does everything have to be so dramatic. It's a variety show chill and stop stanning just be a normal fan.

  • Y0610Y0610

    Author Reply

    So min so cute. 😍

  • JJ

    Author Reply

    the 3 original youngest😅 (I think + joong ki and lizzy)


  • 🤣🤣🤣nostalgia

  • SO FUN

  • Somin: Running man is rated for 12+
    Kwangsoo: * proceeds to swear at seokjin *

  • SaladSalad

    Author Reply

    i bet in real life they think suk jin are annoying as well

  • Seok jin is too selfish with his own

  • I love how being in running man, age or seniority is out the window lol
    They bicker with anyone who is the most annoying.
    PS, they need to make another one of this

  • the fact that kwang soo walked with those high shoes just to kick seokjin lmao ilovethem JAHAHAHA

  • Excuse me, Pabo in Filipino language is Turkey 😂 I'm from Philippines and I did heard pabo in Somi's part😂

  • Jae Sok jump slap Kwang Soo lol

  • 7 77 7

    Author Reply

    유재석 바보~~

  • Wow, this was 2 years ago? Time flies so fast

  • If not because he wash a hyung maybe all member will beat him

  • Hahhahahahhahahahahhahahhaa
    (Nothing to say,only this came out from my mouth)