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Soo Hyang's Cute Acts Make the Door Open! [Home Alone Ep 332]

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Cô gái khiến Liên Bỉnh Phát phải XỐN XANG muốn ÔM VÀO LÒNG mà QUÊN LUÔN Lan Ngọc 😍😍
  • I missed Kang Mi Rae😭🤧

  • The edit with sunghoon is so sly 🤣 hahaha i thought she was meeting him

  • I re lly wish sung hoon and Soo Hyang get married, both make such cute couple🥰

  • Where can i watch the full episode please?

  • Bitchy Damn Im sooyhang go

  • Soohyang is so cute, funny, clumsy but what i like most is she has a pure heart 😍 I remember her appearance on "lets eat together" when she fullfilled the wish of the couple who let her in and now she brought those many things aren't availiable on Jeju to her friend eventhough she's an Actress. What kind of Angel are u Im Soohyang? 😢

  • She left me this deep impression of Kang Mirae.

    Kang Mirae will forever have this space in my hearteu ☺

  • She really looks like IU i watched her Drama The Graceful Family

  • da Ran 💜 Da Moh

  • soohyang's friend looks like miranda cosgrove but korean version

  • this part was so funny HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • Seems like sunghoon is done with the editing team…hhahahahah😂

  • 한국 댓글 하나도 없넹

  • at thr beginning of the video, i was screaming so loud. I thought they do date. I mean i was screaming saying noooooo. coz coz hw bout na rae n hwasa tho

  • Anyone whqt episode she start here?

  • I thought IU's on the thumbnail. 😂

  • His reaction for most of his meme's is always cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The editor knows how to tease him 😂😂👍👍👍

  • damn soohyang you are such a cutie 😩

  • Im Soo Hyang is so cute n funny. Her personality really fits for the show, hope to see her in other variety show more 💕

  • Soo hyang is just 😍😍🥰

  • Sung hoon is so done after seeing him in the edit 😂😂😂😂

  • 😂 editing Team 😂

  • I still ship park na rae and sunghoon😉😉😉

  • I really wish that the edit team can stop making lovelines among ILA members. I get that they need to make the tv show more interesting but sometimes it's very annoying. It's unnecessary.

  • Hi, I want to know how i can watch this programme online. Thank you in advance😊

  • the way sunghoon reacted to the editing IS DAMN FUNNY

  • It's now official everything is tasty in BUSAN😍😍 (armys got me right) so let's fly to Busan for a tasty (😝perfect) partner🤭

  • IU??)))???

  • Im Soo Hyang is suitable for variety programs. She is so lovely! 👍👏❤🥰

  • 0:37 i keep repeating this lol Sunghoon 😂

  • The editing team keeps shipping them together and when they start dating they complain about how they have affected the show ..
    Please stop this I'm enjoying watching the show I don't want to lose more members if they end up dating and breaking up 🙁

  • Pretty soo hyang💕💕💕

  • LOL this is completely unnecessary but damn, I ship it.

  • Okay you got me … Really my stomach is kicking i thougth she really went to oppas house charr oppa

  • sung hoon ❤ soo hyang

  • naranara

    Author Reply

    I thought soohyang goes to sunghoon house 😂 Imma thinking dirty (and the editor tho seems like ship them)
    gosh they’re actually cute

  • Lma 2 cocok juga mrka br 2 😅😂

  • LOOLLL. One of the best ep. this year!

  • ..and here i am thinking it was sunghoon's house😂😂

  • Are soo hyang and sunghoon dating ?????

  • sung hoon is so done with the editing team 😂

  • 💜💜💜