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Song Ji Hyo's 2018 Fortune [Running Man Ep 384]

Curious to learn what Song Ji Hyo’s fortune in 2018 will look like?

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  • T 14T 14

    Author Reply

    My opinion…The fact that she asks about kjk means she is not that serioua or she is just teasing him…she is a quiet person very private…she knows that people will be more interested if she keeps mentioning kjk and she cannot have a privacy with him…if she was serious about him she would never mention him that casually..

  • 💙

  • Still hoping to this two aaaAaa

  • Does someone know how he is calculating their elements? According to their zodiac, she is fire and he is earth.

  • I think that solve it all then kill me if you dont like it..

  • If kim jong kook marry song jhi hyo no man in the world want to intefere.. Song jhi hyo and jong kook its mean sileant around the world… But kim jong kok still on eun hye first love never die.. It will die if eun hye marry someone.. But eun hye still waiting for proposal.. Girls is. Shy.. Kim jong kok if she stil waiting for you.. I think this is the. Biggest for opening in 2020.. I will look forward of it.. If the firts love fail the there is second love that is songjhi hyo..its not a game but true marrage.. Both parents come… And cangrulate who the one is the winner

  • No 2019 fortune prediction?

  • 2019 and first week of April. Hahaha i hope something happen tho. Get your guard down jong kook-shi. 😂😍😍😍😍

  • Seeing this again in 2019.. That fortune-teller was so sharp in making predictions. Kwangsoo finally have a gf through the help of seonmin.. Sooooo… Let's hope for the spartace! 🎉

  • T 14T 14

    Author Reply

    ahh they do not look good together! she deserve someone better…

  • I’ll finally admit it now, the man was hired by me

  • just marry you are not young anymore

  • 1:15 what song???

  • Oh my Spartace heart. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Has anyone else spotted this connection? The fortune-teller said that she wants to be able to look up to the man she's with and she agreed and so right after that she asked about KJK. You don't need me to point out how much she obvs admires the guy!! She admires so many things about KJK.

  • How can I watch full this episode ?

  • I still miss monday couple…hermmm….

  • Waiting for this because 2019 is coming!!! 💖💖💖 a month or so 😂💖💖💖

  • The liars

  • my spartace hearteu is still alive.

  • The fortune teller is a SpartAce shipper 😂

  • Monday couple..

  • When the fortune teller said that no men can satisfy Ji Hyo this year, I was so surprised because I remember the time when she went and guessed on Knowing Brothers and she told them that the man for him does not exist because it is the transformer 😲

  • I have to be careful until march or april yes its true by giving him more loveline .

  • March and April is gone by a flash now and she is still single

  • M TM T

    Author Reply

    Gosh they should just date and marry lol 😍😍😍

  • y t


  • I hope they are dating🙏🏻😁

  • I swear is that fortune teller related to song il kook because they look like brothers (the triplets dad)

  • Lee Sang Yeob? hehehehe

  • Tzz KTzz K

    Author Reply

    This year kjk need to be married …. with anyone lol

  • 0.37 she already found one

  • If this happen #spartaceBecomeCouple suk jin will be bankrupt 😂😂😂

  • Yaa just get married already oooo i so want to say this to them.

  • I've shipped them since the begginning. But i feel like if they were gonna date, or if either one of them were seriously considering it, then they wouldn't be so open about it on the show. :'(

  • 😍😚☺

  • Is Ji Hyo really showed her affection to Jong Kook?, not for show?, and jong kook is the only one she can look up to,if Ji Hyo's affection is real and Jong Kook also consider her feeling then the problem is Jong Kook possibly still consider Ji Hyo as RM family or he might worried about their future in RM if they were married, (this is what i think personally as commander & ace fans)

  • 1:59 is the perfect meme face 😀

  • i wish KJK asked SJH to be the model/star on his song MV then asked her for dating… before this march… ASAP !!!!!

  • 1:59 that look tho !😂

  • Spartace😚😚😚❤❤BFF Forever😃

  • first time seeing JiHyo seeking loveline, usually it was Gary's job.

  • LuciaLucia

    Author Reply

    Spartace ❤

  • what is the background song when ji hyo talk about her loveline with jong kook?