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Song Ji Hyo Will Tell us What Her Skipped!? [Running Man Ep 438]

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  • She looks so pretty with long wavy hair like that.

  • Even if she want to. Can broadcasting rules in Korea allowed that to be told? I mean, we and all members and guest know what happen after that, we just want exact details. But that exact details, can it be aired in Korean television

  • What eps did Jihyo tell the story of her ex boyfriend?someone please tell me!!

  • Arghh i want to know what happened that night haha

  • WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS WAS LAST YEAR?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do she do it with her ex during that chrismas? Is it jongkook? Ahahah

  • She is so pretty. Still waiting to see their LA tour. everyone know what happened that night. But the real thing we want to know is who that lucky man

  • Haha is so cute 😍

  • The truth they banged!!

  • 1:58 …. that meaningful glance of SJH towards KJK

  • It was freaking hilarious when Haha got all fired up when Ji-hyo said she'll share the rest of the story. Hahahaha! 😂

  • When is the LA episode?

  • Everytime i see how jungkook smile on 1:45, i always think the man that jihyo told was him 😂

  • What is the part that she SKIPPED??????

  • Can someone plss tell me what brand that cap song ji hyo wore? i really like the cap

  • We all know its Gary😅😆 he is secretly married to Ji hyo✌


  • Who did ji hyo end up going with? I never found out about it…

  • Jihyo lebih muda dari so min pdhl somin lbih muda 🤔

  • what happen to the trip?

  • I think this makeup is very suitable with jihyo face. I don't think light lipstic is for Jihyo. Cause now a days jihyo makeup appearing in RM show make her face looking old… Not hatting, i really love Jihyo💕

  • what happened to this trip???

  • Haha always want to know every details of jihyo's life❤️missing old Haha and JiHyo moments❤️

  • Did they go to L.A yet? It has been a year

  • Omg ji hyo ☺️

  • Ji Hyo lookin like Song Hye Kyo damn

  • No news again about them going to usa trip till now…is this episode forgotten by their pd??

  • Gilss song ji hyo cantik banget padahal umurnya udah mau 40

  • Lovelove Ji Hyo ❤❤❤❤

  • She’s pretty