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Song Ji Hyo Said They Slept Together, And People Misunderstood!! [Running Man Ep 408]

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  • These people are prettier when they just wake up, especially the guys!

  • Haha and sechan slept together so who did jong kook sleep with?? 🤔🙄

  • Anyone recognize what is the name of the accomodation?

  • i hate seeing ppl complaining about how the "new rm" is so boring compared to "old rm" i mean can u just appreciate it,im just happy this show still exist this show is literally my childhood,i hope i can do something about the rating 🙂

  • They shouldn’t have changed the PDs

  • That is a hotel ROOM?! Is this something I’m too poor to understand?

  • Where's kwangsoo and the Sunbae?

  • In the thumbnail and when she smiles, song ji hyo looks like Lee seung gi

  • wow the click bait in the title

  • If Haha was sleeping with Se Chan.. KJK was sleeping withhh???????

  • We can easily tell who are the runningman members by their faces
    Cuz members never do make up lol😂

  • Hahaaa jihyo

  • Does jihyo not get along with the girl in the hat? Ive never seen jihyo like this, Through out this whole episode she was being shady towards her, she was also not looking at her, ignoring her, & she wouldnt make eye contact, & then as you all saw in this clip she refused to be teams immediately with a serious face lol like she didnt hesitate or nothing she just immediately said no lol did something happen between them?

  • ji hyo excludes such girl crush vibes, im so in love 😍

  • Miss the old RM, nowdays i just rewatch the old episodes, doesnt really have the excitement towards new or current episode.

  • nice

  • I'm surprised they never brought up frozen flower or Empire lust when those 2 are together. But ig the show is pg

  • G LG L

    Author Reply

    I miss the old running man so so so much
    Still love the old members tho (especially Jihyo ❤

  • i want the old pd

  • I miss Monday couple

  • They shld bring back "Find the guest mission"

  • This team would be better if Kwang-soo was there too I reckon, cause there’s always a time where he makes Ji-hyo, Haha and Jongkook angry🤣

  • Did the member actually pay for the cost whenever the crew ask them to pay?? Or its just for the show

  • Omg I used to watch 3 Guys & 3 Girls whenever I could catch it on cable. It was sooo funny.
    Still looking for episodes 20 years later hahah

  • 어마나!!!!!

  • guk oguk o

    Author Reply

    If they will add nametag elimination for every week episodes i think the hate about song ji hyo will make their mouth shut up!! They will surely see what a true Ace can do

  • ..Haha always had a wild imagination😂😂😂

  • I miss rip name tags..

  • Love these three ladies..

  • i dont know why but now i dont like running man since gary leave
    im not say its boring but yah i dont know tooo gerghh

  • ReyRey

    Author Reply


  • Hahahahhaha