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Song Ji Hyo is Like the One From "Old Boy" [Running Man Ep 488]

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  • She's actually very smart. It's just her character as Mong Ji, but if you clearly watch some episodes that needs brain, she actually has been able to solve problems a lot more than she has not. It's just that she's controlling herself or they are controlling her "smartness" because of her character.

  • Kwang soo eliminate almost of Running man member.
    But i don't get it he failed to eliminate Ji hyo, actually he had many chances😂

  • So cute 😍😍

  • She is clueless the whole time and still winning. The power of an Ace. 😂😂😂

  • I like to see more Ji Hyo and Jae Suk team combo in the future. I also like Se Chan and So Min couple too.

  • Y. GY. G

    Author Reply

    Ji hyo nonaa… Love u as always❤❤❤

  • New episode recently have fair time..good for all members

  • The fact that she doesn't know anything but still win 😂

  • What the name of song that played. I hve been searching for a long time. The background music.

  • Jihyo getting her well-deserved screen time in this ep made me happy again <3 WE MISSED OUR BLANK JI <3

  • 10 years they running, I still can't believe Ji Hyo's luck + blank moments XD

  • she is too cute, her being so out of the loop, made the episode that much more funny 😂

  • 😂😂

  • 😂😂😂

  • Kwangsoo was the good guy in this one😂😂
    Cutie JiHyo is just fkn cute……I Hoped Kwangsoo won as the good guy but no one can stop JiHyo's luck….she's honestly the luckiest member

    my 7012 maknae trio in a group is always the best for me but nothing beats Jongkook and the two kids (Gary and Haha)

  • Re watching this part, i wonder why Kwang Soo didnt eliminate her at this moment, when she's still clueless of the situation.
    Like, if he eliminate her, only Jae Suk will remain.
    But then, maybe it's her luck after all.

  • Gwangsoo is too soft towards Jihyo 🥺 he had all those opportunities to eliminate her silently but never do it 🥺

  • Ji hyo unnie why so cute 🥰♥️

  • I love the fact that they r giving jihyo more air time now

  • ❤❤❤

  • YahyaYahya

    Author Reply


    It must be funnier for Kwang Soo considering he eliminated most of them

  • I cant stop laughing when jong kook say how will jihyo solve this code but in the end she won the race without even solving the puzzle..😂😂 thats our ace!!

  • Jihyo got so many screentime in this episode. I miss this mong jihyo

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Song Ji Hyo… everyone’s crush!! She spent the whole time struggling with the passcode and she still won the diamond necklace. My god…

  • KennyKenny

    Author Reply

    This scene was my favorite scene! Song Jihyo barely figuring out the clues and coming out to find out everyone was eliminated was so funny

  • Mong Ji is back…❤❤

  • She's too cute in this ep

  • what is the name of the song when ji hyo trying to solving the code.. help please.. around 1:07:40–1:8:15

  • When jihyo hiding.. she fall in sleep..hahaha

  • She's funny without any afford ! Reason I still watching Running Man

  • She's not smart and clever but she's everything in RM😂she queen of lucky😗mongji ACE fighting!!😘

  • Jihyo is the main character in this episode i love it. She was so funny. And the way jongkook realized jihyo couldn't solve the code is funny as well 😂😂😂 like he knows well about jihyo

  • Oh my she's soooo cute