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So Min & Ji Hyo's Fried Food Mukbang~! [Running Man Ep 456]

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  • Mongdol❤

  • Jihyo ❤❤

  • A DA D

    Author Reply

    Yikes. Get some character so min!

  • I really love Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo. Please spread love not hate. I really love Jeon So Min in Running man.

  • I read the comments and I don't believe what you are talking about, so SJH and KJK were fired, because they are not valid, as the PDs say, and they wanted to keep the new members before, and expel the old ones. If so, why do you ask SJH to be more with SM, so I guess SM can do it herself, since PD is more appreciated.

  • I don't understand, in Korea the work is highly respected and those who have been talking about a project for a long time, take care of the order of presentation, so is it possible that you wrote this, I think you are hypocritical, so I guess it should be SJH and SM! You are not consistent with your principles …

  • I hate so min and se chan

  • both are so cute ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • lol kwangsoo in carrot costume

  • Steamed Chicken in broth including ginseng, garlic, ginger and dried grapes is famous so.

  • I really don't like somin I like the old days of running man where they are only 7

  • 😢I'm hungry😂

  • soo oppa cute <3

  • I love when Jihyo and Somin together they look like sister

    This is how many love when Jihyo and Somin together❤️❤️❤️

  • Kwangsoo and Sechan in those costumes are more like in a punishment then them being team leaders 😂💚💙

  • 7012 Forever ❤️ Yoo Jae Sook , Ji Suk Jin , Kim Jong Kook , Haha , Gary , Song Ji Hyo , Lee Kwang Soo ❤️❤️ Miss you So Much 😢😢

  • I really hate somin she very artificially 😠😠

  • Love Ji Hyo

  • Oh my god ,Ji hyo so cute

  • I love Sjh

  • I realized that recently in SBS official Instagram account, hate comments for So Min has went down compared to the past. We need more love people, not hate👍

  • So min is such a bitch. Hate her

  • ji hyo is always caring others member …love our ace

  • Jihyo cute

  • song jihyo❤️

  • ii

    Author Reply

    Where is the mukbang, guys? 😅

  • Kwangsoo costume😂


  • Ji Hyo so cutes😍😍😍 ihjsm

  • ( not hate ) song ji hyo look more young than soomi

  • Yoo jae suk look so freindly person❤

  • Fried ginseng? 😲

  • MongDol is going strong!!! I hope they will do a mission together💕💕

  • Please PD make more JH and Somin in one team. Show the haters these 2 is really close outside in RM

  • Mongdol , ily since 2017 ❤️ please love them.

  • This is new ep?

  • Look how Jihyo look after Somin, their sister love is nothing compared to those haters. Love you Mongdol sisters.

  • need ji hyo and somin together more…make them together as spy or in one team

  • Honestly Somin and Ji Hyo are the real RM OTP. I remembered when Somin came back from HK with Seok Jin & Jae Suk and the first person she went to was Ji Hyo. I swear my heart just melted into a puddle of goo.

  • Ji Hyo unnie so cute 😘

  • Song jihyo 😍😍

  • I hope pd push them and they will win best couple award this year.

  • Love Somin!!

  • Somina why so cute

  • Jihyo cute ❤