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Should So Min Curse Hee Jin's ex out for Her? [Running Man Ep 480]

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  • I thought she showing us a middle finger. hahaha 1:53

  • So Min, you really damn crazy and I like it. And I agree with you. Cheaters are scumbag! 😜

  • aineaine

    Author Reply

    Lowkey… Hope my ex watching this part too. 😤

  • Hey does anyone know what she said I would pay to know I know the first part she said hey you SOB

  • How can you not love Jeon So Min. She is a breath of fresh air.

  • I usee to not like hee because she stole Jihyo's spotlight, but her unpredictable randomness is starting to grow on me 😊


  • forever legendary 😂

  • nlkrnlkr

    Author Reply

    Wow I really love how positive the comment section is towards Somin 🐸 she deserves all the love 💜

  • She is funny i liked 😂

  • i still dont know why they put so mich hate on somin and heechan, like the add enjoyment and laugh at the the team!

  • Somin is a mood.😅

  • I really luV somin

  • So Min my animal spirit

  • Nice to a have friend like somin

  • Somin is adorable! I have no idea why so many would hate on her that running man would close their forum. She cute, funny and likes to play dirty. Female Kwang Soo. I fucking can't stand all these people being hateful.

  • i used to not mind sae chan at all.. but i am kinda getting these bad vibes from him lately. we does it look like he just hate being associated with so min when somin is actually too good for him!? and its a variety show for god's sake… just go with the flow!!!!!!!

  • Omg somin 😂😂

  • This is why so min is crucial to RM. Her comedic timing and upbeat personality making her the heart of the show. Notice how Jae Suk quickly ushered her back in like bc she was being more funnier than he was. Her humor is so natural and not at the expense of others like how Jae Suk needs to tease Kwang Soo or Seok Jin to get laughs

  • Good job Somiiii

  • JxmJxm

    Author Reply

    2:13 I am amazed how JS SM and HH immediately raised their hands and cheering the exact same thing in the same time

  • The viewers 1M for SoMin

  • Aigoo the kocowa is still unavailable in Philippines

  • Yang se chan! Yang se chan! Yang se chan!


  • 2:05 as YJS first points to YSC, he's already marching abit. As if pre-empting the march that comes after and HaHa JSM caught the hint 😆

  • I miss go soo. Last time he came to runningman. Very funny. He dare sleep in car alone for half an hour. 😂😂

  • this is how Somin Get Screen Time ~
    Even she adlib faster 0.001 sec after YJS say about curse !!
    Even after YJS pointed Sechan , she continue join adlib ~
    what a scary ? How YJS (National MC) look she talent and recomended to PD for join RM ?

  • EX so min yoon hyun min 🤣🤣

  • actually somin saved this from the awkward silent.

  • 1:45

  • we need friends who can do this for us haha

  • Somin has a characteristics that called "HONEST" i just love her. 😞💜