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Shortly After Kwang Soo Covers His Mouth, He Screams [Running Man Ep 462]

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  • Punch him in the face kwang soo he abuse the use of his strength or call dong hyun to pinch his sidehair lets see if he can endure the pain jong kook is weakkkk

  • This episode made me laugh the hardest all year

  • People should watch the show before commenting .. PD notified that the weather was bad & rainy , so they had to shoot indoor .
    And if talking about in general 350 after episodes , tag ripping games have been played every now & then , even physically exhausting "running" games as well .. Just imagine their avg age is 40 & you still ask them to Run like highschoolers every week .. As a vivid fan I am happy that they all are happy,healthy & good people and my fav variety show is still there after 9yrs and also makes me ROFL in every episode

  • 0:17 too cute 💘

  • Just realized watching this on YouTube that Kwang Soo has his sting song again.

  • its funny that all three of the unluckiest members got no 4s, and all of them sit just next to each other…. the variety God really is blessing those three

  • Thats too much

  • SR 7SR 7

    Author Reply

    its not funny, why they have to play physical game like this, on screen maybe it looks fun but the truth is only they know.

  • Kwang soo looks handsome here

  • When u fight with tiger u know what will happen poor girrafe…🤣🤣

  • As always not lucky enough our Giraffe😂😂😂

  • Man the Silent Game is my favorite along with the tag ripping game.

  • Why dislike this video?????


    Author Reply

    Last time I was this early people were actually running on this show

  • Poor kwang soo 😅😂

  • as expected of our unlucky giraffe 😂

  • 😂💔😂💔