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[RunningMan] Ep 367_0910_JaeSeok spontaneously pushed away SunMi when she hugged him

Watch how they are mimicking animals!!!
It’s so hilarious when the birds respond.

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  • If you are 100% RM fans, should to do full episode without cut the part include the other episode(full episode) either.

  • He didn't even tried to push her, his hands we're already there because he qas signaling for "time out" from Sunmi's immitation when she hugged him. Elijiah so cute from her timing

  • Full episode 367 same like the other episode. .

  • Elijah is so funny 😂

  • Jaesuk's like "woman my wife's watching"

  • u expect JS to open his arm and accept the hug? he doesn't even know she touch him.

  • This was 3 years ago

  • 1:53 whatTF. 😂😂😂😂

  • The title is so misleading.

  • 2:02

  • Thumbnail looks like Nayeon 😅

  • cmon kocowa…don’t be like this

  • first noticed elijah unni ㅋㅋㅋ so cute

  • I'm saying this. Jae Suk's hand is really muscular in the thumbnail 🤣

  • uwa Good timing

  • Elijah has a freaking pretty smile 😍

  • Dislike for the title

  • The title should be "well manared Yoo jae Seok"

  • Do you have problem with jaesuk?? Why did u make such a statement

  • He is not pushing but giving a gap by raising his hand to stop sunmi from getting closer.. lol.. thats manner means he respect women n value relationship at correct place..

  • I swear the title is STUPID

  • Elijah is so fucking cute!

  • Who came up with this title? KOCOWA you don't use one small unimportant irrelevant detail in a show to get views, there's literally 10 other highlights more worth mentioning than that, just.. better be real.

  • Jaeseok dosnt realy pushing her . As you can see before sunmi hug her his right hand is in sunmi's chest level thats why he push her a little bit.

  • i have a friend like sunmi too. she will hugged whoever beside her whenever she got embarrassed or if she laughed😂(my friend just hugged girls not boys hahaha)

  • Elijah looks like a Higher Elf tbh. i love her lol

  • The title make jaesuk bad ,he didnt even pushed sunmi…if u watch carefully sunmi move when jaesuk block her hug…ita not also sunmis fault coz that how she is xd

  • A SA S

    Author Reply

    Cant believe kocowa actually made the title

  • Sunmi litterally hug him unconsciously out of her shyness. And jeasuk just busy talking

  • "Pushing her" quite disrecpecting jae seok well mannered. He is a brother to every young celebrities. Its just how brother reacts when his sibling doing some awkward shits.

  • swissswiss

    Author Reply

    title is misleading, sunmis cuckoo and elijah’s perfect timing were way more interesting than the almost hug haha

  • YJS is a well mannered celebrity

  • Can anyone list guest in this episode??

  • In the thumbnail she looks like nayeon.

  • What episod this??

  • Well mannered person

  • We got a real Mother Nature (for the cuckoo part) right here also I didn’t see the part where the title described it

  • I don't think he pushes her away. Sunmi just let him go. Plus on sunmi's other episode she does hug jaeseok

  • Omo elijah hahahaha. The timing was so perfect

  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that she is a bleeding bird talker?

  • Oh god elijah and suni are so cute here..


  • GGGG

    Author Reply

    Elijah the bird whisperer ❤️

  • Which show and ep?

  • The title video so provocative..screw you Mr.admin!!!