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[Running Man] EP359_0716_KwangSoo slaps Jaesuk's face

As is the leader, so are the people!
JaeSuk scolds KwangSoo for breaking rules but KwangSoo refutes the accusation.
Look what happens to JaeSuk!
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  • Someone said it was retake.. it wasn't. If you're familiar with variety show, their editing is bit a mess. Some earlier scene they'll cut into the middle, some of the later one they'll put on intro. This kind of editing had been around for years, not exclusively in RM

  • only kwang soo dares to slap jaesuk on his face, I have never seen fellow jaesuk colleagues in other varieties who dare him. as we know they are very respectful and reluctant towards Yoo Jae Suk LOL

  • I like the teams. I like the unlucky team. So funny. Team black win bcos they have 4 lucky members. Team white is unlucky! Team white keep on cheat and betray each other!!!

  • 😁

  • Imagine sechan or somin slap jaesuk. Haters will spam #sominout #hatesomin #sechanout #hatesechan
    So rude bla bla bla

  • savage. I love running man love all the members

  • sariqdh uaswu qdeu adaeyqru

  • If you guys see properly,u can see when he throws the dice in the air and few camera angles shows that the dice is being thrown the other way..this looks like scripted……don't get me wrong try watching the video and focus at the front of the video

  • Haha just being savage here man 0:45

  • Why did they say sorry?

  • Jong kook and ji hyo were at differ place when he tossed at first…. They retake….

  • petepete

    Author Reply

    I wish in the next global tour race I hope yooames Bond has a return comeback special episode where he has to eliminate them with water gun to win a sticker and if everyone is out then they all get the punishment sticker

  • 광수가 해냈습니다ㅋㅋ

  • I love jaesuk he is so profesional

  • I learn it from you ahahhaaa

  • one reason why this program is such a success is because of how cool all the casts personality jive with each other 🙂

  • no hesitation HAHAHAH!!

  • 👏👏👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😆😆😆