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[Running Man] Ep 378_The fastest boat you've ride

Jong-kook’s team went to ride a motor boat. But is it just me that it looks like it will be thrilling and so much fun. If you want to watch this, click the link below.

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Song Ji Hyo's brother so funny and cute Chun Sung Moon
  • The campers so amazing

  • Kameramennya keren bat gila wkwkkw

  • Seems like the cameraman is having so much fun than RM members haha respect all the VJ in RM!

  • The camera man is real professional
    How could he film everything while being in exciting situation // Me: scream ,grap the boat tight and throw away the camera lol

  • Honestly i would totally do this lmao

  • Oh I want to ride that boat. 😁

  • What the title of this song?

  • Those camera man,ohhh gggg it. us not easy to be running man vj. Crazy I want to be on this show and try free extreme rides

  • HumanHuman

    Author Reply

    I will pay anything to be their cameraman

  • When you want to ride this make sure to trust the driver😂

  • Mommy Ji Hyo and Daddy Jong Kook with their 2 kids 😂 Respect to the VJs to film the members in that boat. Hahaha

  • D. SD. S

    Author Reply

    The driver's sKILLeD

  • Can you guys come back to nz 🇳🇿✌ 💙

  • jihyo looks so beautiful

  • episod?

  • i've done this, its fun!

  • Lmao i think to be running man cameraman you have to go through some sort of training

  • Looks fun to me tho

  • From what I could tell:

    JiHyo, JongKook, Haha: This is SOOO COOL!!!😆

    The VJs: This is FUN! 😃


  • I've done this 6month ago omg it was soo fun you're level off adrenaline is boosting up 😂

  • Tried this in Australia and it was so fun! The jet boat's turn makes you really use your whole weight to support the body from tumbling to another person. But man, this driver is a risk-taker. The route is unexpected.

  • Sechand 😂😂

  • Lol i never laughed so hard in a 1min video

  • 😂

  • 😂

  • Cameramen smiling 😄😄

  • 2019!🤣 Mygosh!! I want to ride that too LMAO so funny trip in the boat with the cameraman's😍🤣

  • Respect to the cameraman😂

  • can someone pls tell me which place is this?

  • 开船的小哥哥好帅哦哈哈哈

  • Their teamwork was great. Love the dynamics of this team.