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[Running Man] Ep.371_Gwang-su goes on the cable car

Icon of coward in “Running Man”, Gwang-su had to ride a cablecar linking stunning-height cliffs in Indonesia as a penalty! He has never been this hesitant for the entire episode!

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  • 😂😂😂😂

  • tbh it isnt that scary even with that waves its actually quite cool for me eps when i don't ride rollercoaster in theme parks and when u reach the small island its really relaxing and the waves are much bigger there u could sit near the edge of the cliff and take some nice shot however the locals push up the price by a lot because RM came. It was 30usd for a to and fro trip on the gondola and around half the price if you take the bridge and that's not factoring the money u spend to rent a driver to bring you to the outskirts of the town and then another amount to pay the local motorist/jeep to bring u to the coast as the road is uneven for normal cars to travel on as well as bring ur own food as the local guide tried to scam us by asking us to eat the lobster which was 50usd per person

  • lanjutn ny ada ga sih?

  • Aku udh lama tau mas hansol tp baru nyadar dia di rm wkwkw

  • Ngakak ampe nangis

  • Baru liat ini juli 2020 dan tiba2 keliatan kepalanya mas hansol dari belakang:v

  • Dude, this isnt scary at all, Jihyo and gang had to do tht insane jump in New Zealand.

  • han sol… i hear you 👂🏻

  • Im from indonesia

  • The next level of translator, the one and only Jang Han Sol

  • Lee Kwang Soo the "Prince of Asia"

  • I spotted mas Hansol hehehe

  • I keep laughing watching this.. i'm not evil right? 😂

    Mianhae kwangsoo-yaa

    I am Indonesian but didn't know this place exist, and watching this really makes me try that

  • Nyi Roro kidul masih sayang kok Ama si kwangsoo😂😂😂

  • Pantai Timang, nyebrang bayar 100K. Agak stress sih, ngeluarian uang cuman buat nantangin bahaya. Tapi gw tetep nyebrang juga 😂 pas ditengah rasanya "waaahhh.. Mati nih GW. MATI GW!!"

  • i came for runningman not hansol

  • 4:00

  • 4:30

  • because too scared KwangSoo unconscious remember and saying Indonesian word "hati-hati" means carefully😂😂

  • Cuma dapet liat badannya mas hansol aja udah happy😂💝


  • I'd ride this 'gondola' back in 2018 and thankfully the wave was much more calm that time! I laugh at Kwangsoo face when he being spray by the oceon water 🤣

  • DenjiDenji

    Author Reply

    I'm shocked after the Indonesian said, "Duwa Lima," I clearly understood it. That's how we Warays count. Omg.

  • ada mas hansol wkwkwk

  • Wow!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! It’s like an adventure!!!!!🔥🔥🔥 So amazing!!! The waves are no joke at all!!!🤣🤣🤣 Poor Kwang Soo Oppa😭