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Rapper Gary is coming! [The Return of Superman Ep 329]

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The Reason Why Song Ji Hyo Laughed While Crying [Running Man Ep 470]
  • Why I am crying? I just remember Monday couple 😢

  • Please invite him on running man

  • This reminds me all memories in running man…Garyyyy

  • I love seeing Gary back on shows! His son is so precious and a genius. Look forward to his future! Be happy Gary!

  • I was more sad when Gary left rather than Joong ki.

  • Gary😍😍😍😍

  • Gary love

  • Whats this title song 😭😭 im crying, i love this song 😭😭❤❤

  • Miss RM.

  • This made me cryyyyyy 🥺 my monday couple🥺

  • I miss Kang Gary 😞😭😭😭👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  • does anyone here know the title of backsound part jaamjam and Hao, I have heard the lyrics "bogpshipo bogpshipo like it like it" if you know please reply to this comment thank you

  • ep 331

  • love this song, suddenly remind me of Monday couple ❤️

  • its so cool gary bart

  • song title

  • 01:32



  • For your information : rm means running man.. But when i read comment i always thought its BTS RM

  • 0:33




    Author Reply

    Gary ❤️

  • aaahhhhhh….. the good old days. 🙂


  • Ugghh!!! REmembering RM days….it makes me Sad

  • I wonder how Gary feels whenever he sings this song. I mean… For RM fans, they know this song means a lot …. 😔

  • "he's so cool"😍😍😍

  • K SK S

    Author Reply

    It was so cute how his son was lip singing to his dads part lol

  • Why RM didnt invite gary ? It must be fun to see gary in RM again

  • What it song

  • Gary love

  • Gary, I really wait for your next song. Your new song, Sun/Taeyang, is really good, I really like it, but Purple Bikini isn't my cup of tea.

    I hope you can produce many song in the future, I will be waiting.

  • Running Man memories!!!! T_T

  • Back when GARY is still on RM.those we're the days when jhiyo and him are SO sweet😍

  • missing kang gary to rap

  • Watching this make me miss the monday couple so much. I still clearly remember its episode 12 of RM when Gary let go of Ji hyo so she can continue with the mission. This song was played in background. 😭😭😭 I know gary is happy with his wife now but what can I do. My monday couple heart is aching because I missed them so much.. And no I dont want gary to be back in RM bec that will be awkward with the show because he and jihyo used to be the show romantic couple. I mean i dont know but it might affect the show flow with ji hyo and gary… But I do love Jihyo to visit Gary and Haoh. I dont know im so confused a part of me want to see them again together but there is also part of me that dont want to feel bad for jihyo 😭😭

  • Who else remember Gary sang this while riding the roller coaster 🎢 lmao (it was long ago so I’m not really sure If it’s this song lmao)

  • Gary is happy with his wife.. for those still cant move on from Monday Couple, shut the fuck up. Imagine Gary wife read all the comment you dumb fuck she will hurt.

  • I was sad by watching and seeing gary singing this song again. I only knew this song when i first watch running man. And my favorite is actually Gary, i always listen to his song because it's remind me of monday couple and the good old days that he is in running man. Kang Gary is the best

  • Please do a comeback in running man gary. If not as a member, come as a guest.

  • Monday couple theme song. I’m not crying you are 🥺🥺

  • Sumpah gua kaga bisa dengerin ni lagu, rasanya pengen nangis gegara selalu inget Ama Monday couple 😭😭

  • My eyes are tearing.. What a memory

  • Waaah gary ur so handsome when u rap 💕

  • Makes me miss the Monday Couple. 😊

  • Who is that woman wearing yellow? Is he Gary's wife?

  • keriskeris

    Author Reply

    is that gary's wife?

  • ilaila

    Author Reply

    GARY NEEDS A COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Gary’s rap so much, even I don’t understand Korean, but what he rap and sing can touch my heart

  • this song always remind us of monday couples isn't it ? :'))

  • When he rap, i unknowingly smile..haha..maybe i'm very proud of him.