Rainbow Magic – Meet the Fairies!

Make friends with the Rainbow Magic fairies and join them on some incredible adventures!

It’s time to meet a whole new group of fairy friends, the enchanting Twilight Fairies! Kirsty and Rachel are thrilled to be at Camp Stargaze. But Jack Frost has stolen the Twilight Fairies magical bags, causing night-time chaos!

In Belle the Birthday Fairy, Belle the Birthday Fairy’s job is to make sure that all birthdays in Fairyland and the human world are filled with joy and laughter! But there is one mean creature who is incapable of enjoying even this special day… Jack Frost! He has a birthday coming up but as he’s very vain he decides that he is not going to celebrate it all… and if he’s not going to enjoy his birthday then neither will anyone else! And so he steals Belle’s magical items, and hides them in cunning places, causing chaos for birthdays everywhere. Will Rachel and Kirsty be able to help Belle find her items, or are birthdays ruined forever…?


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