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Predator (1987) – All Sightings

All Sightings of The Predator (canon species name, Yautja) from Predator (1987)

Monster Analysis is a series that lets you get a good look at all those money shots you go to the cinema for. Get a better look at your favourite creatures and monsters from new, and old movies past with this epic series! And why not show your appreciation for the art of visual and practical effects by joining in on the disscussions in the comments where I and others share their theories, facts and trivia.

03:02 – 04:59 – Two Steps From Hell – Moving Shadows II
24:29 – 25:44 – Immediate Music – Where Mighty Rivers Run Choir
38:03 – 38:39 – X-Ray Dog – Conquest Orchestral (No Vox)
38:39 – 39:10 – X-Ray Dog – Conquest (Choir Only)
39:42 – 39:57 – X-Ray Dog – Conquest Orchestral
Predator OST

R/ Greenberg Associates –
Dream Quest Images –
The Howard Anderson Company *Shutdown*

Legacy Effects (formely Stan Winston Studios) –

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  • Well guys, the channel is three years old, throughout that time I have had endless requests for Predator to have his very own episode of Monster Analysis. After a moderately long wait, it's finally here. An edit which took 17 renders to satisfy my obsessive perfectionism. I spent hours trying to solve audio issues which curiously were not down to my shitty editing. The movies original audio mix itself has some fairly jarring cuts, some of which I fixed, some I couldn't avoid. I've worked very hard on this guys and I hope I haven't let you down. And yes I left in the gun fights. Let me know what you think in the comments, but for now enjoy the bad assery of The Predator in all his human kebab making glory.

    Movie Junkie

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  • No sightings at all bullshit

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  • I have been watching many times..

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  • Super movie.One of my favorite movie. I'm watching in 100 times

  • kenekopo

  • I was lucky to watch this in cinema I went on my own the theatre was packed with male audience sold out
    I remember at the beginning people were cracking jokes the it went all quiet …. then it went epic
    The comments of the guys at the end leaving the cinema .. were all like
    That was awesome !!! I wanna watch it again what a hell of a movie!!!!!
    I mean a total success ….
    I remember running home and tell my brother !!! Man I just saw I great movie
    You simply won’t get movies like this one
    One word : EPIC

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  • Predator فيلم غاية الروعة والجمال

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  • I like how Dillan gets his arm blown off by the shoulder cannon, poncho instantly dead because of the headshot, blain has a gigantic hole through his torso, mack instantly dead. But dutch?, nothing more than a papercut lol took it like a champ

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  • Terbaikk

  • This Jungle Hunter predator can outsmart and kill the mega predator!

  • I remember reading somewhere maybe that you could see Predator before he was formally introduced in those early scenes when it shows him looking at Dutch et al. with thermal vision. Probably in the tree line at some point but hard to see because he was camouflaged. Is true, and is it in the video here?

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  • Salute to story writer, director, producer, dop, editor and all actors

  • Go, get to the chopper…… Legendary dialogue

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