Pong game with power ups and shooting in Unity – P4 – Reset and start ball

Let’s make a series where we create an entire game from start to finish.

In this tutorial we will make a Pong game, and once it is done we will start adding a bunch of extra features and in the end it will have evolved beyond Pong into something greater.

In this tutorial I will not only show you the right path, I will show you THE path. The path that includes all decision makings, potential wrong doings and so on. There will be a short discussion around each decision.


Part 4:
– Reset the balls position and velocity when scored
– Make the ball move again when pressing a key


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  • chillchill

    Author Reply

    Awesome tutorials!!! Really loving it! Keep up the good job! Waiting for the next one of pong!!!! When u plan to do it 🙂 ??