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Only Hong Jin Young Can Control Kim Jong Kook [Running Man Ep 396]

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  • woman for jong kook must be aggressive woman, he needs a woman who can control him 😁

  • can you tell me , title of song in 0:23 , please i want know ??


    Author Reply

    Can anyone please tell me all the episodes that Jinyoung was in


    Author Reply

    1:38 Haha I’m shocked Ji hyo just said Jin young and Jong kook would be a great couple😂

  • can we talk about how seokjin linking arm with kwangsoo in the beginning 🥺

  • Hahaha

  • Hhh

  • 바람처럼 왔다 이슬처럼 간다. – Ms Hong

  • Jong Kook actually like Jin Young but he didn't like show off !!!

  • ew

  • 😆😆😆😆 this is good youtube

  • They're my favorite set of guests

  • No, it's not specific to her. Most female guests are capable of controlling him, if so inclined. Hyori did it for years on various programs, Jinyoung does it often here and on other programs, I just saw Apink do it to him in his house. Innumerable small and/or cute guests on Running Man have done this to him.

  • Im so sad and annoyed cuz every time jin young comes to the show she takes ji hyo's place next to jong kook cuz jong kook and ji hyo are always toghether in every episode since the beginning

  • Whatever discussion on comment section, im only here bcuz of my ace ji hyo😍💞💖💗🎉🇵🇭

  • Spartace the couple who win every time they are together..
    Song song couple the couple who is the sweetest the most..
    Monday couple a couple who always make every one happy..
    Our jihyo is really shipable.

  • Sintah liya

  • “Look at me, you must look at me.”
    “I looked at you a lot earlier.”

  • jin young laughter was all I need throughout this Luxury vs Shuddering package. I can't get over with her being seductive and charismatic with that swiss guy up the mountain lmao


  • I love the video so funny

  • 1:32 that I looked at you a lot earlier hahha

  • Does anyone know all the episodes Jin Young appears on running man?

  • Ship

  • jongkok plesea marrie her

  • Some of the fans of jongkook should respect jinyoung and not make a bad comments about her even if you don’t like them together because it’s their own will. if they get married together who cares it’s fate you don’t get to decide because it’s their own choices. They have their own mind and body they know what is best for them. We can only watch and support for their decision. (My own opinion❤️❤️)

  • RikuRiku

    Author Reply

    What did kwangsoo say at 2:08?

  • You two guys get maried pleaseee!!!!

  • 1:33 "i looked at you alot earlier" my heart ❤

  • marumaru

    Author Reply

    jong kook and jin young are very cute together 😂 their characters that are different make them even cuter lmao

  • They def smashed

  • So Min reaction to Haha's outfit just like a kid xD

  • Spartan couple still.

  • If I'm a korean and I live in korea I will marry Hong Jin Young

  • Team Black

  • I saw the thumbnail and it was so cute

  • 1:46 "Where where?" ^_^

  • She's Jin young WGM?…..she looks different..what happen with her face…? Omg…i really didnt recognize her…

  • I ship

  • I did realize Jong Kook and Jin Young always be paired up in every episode..

    And i really love it their interaction💕

  • I think Ji Hyo can control Jong Kook

  • Jinyoung is so funny

  • That 'I looked a lot to you earlier' my heart

  • Sometimes i find somin annoying..haha was trying to be funny while dancing but she always butt in.. attention seeker much

  • I would be glad if the agencies announce tomorrow that Jong Kook and Jin Young are getting married 🙈

  • What episod

  • HoseHose

    Author Reply

    She has that vibe of na bong from oh my ghost

  • i found ji hyo not laughed too much when lks funny part


  • Hahaha so funny👏👏👏