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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7 (SevenMizer Demo)

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In today’s video, we will be taking a look at SevenMizer. This free program allows you to make your Windows XP installation look like Windows 7!


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  • If you want aero theme then you need to download true transparency and glass2k
    Glass2k is for the taskbar and true transparency is for the tabs

  • we NEED a SevenMizer for windows 10

  • When the app really want to modify system32 and then you go right-click and ghost mouse comes and clicked delete oh s***

  • better challenge: Make Win10 look like 9x / XP classic!
    With all the look and feel also under the hood.
    The10 UI is useless.
    Startet with Vista/7 and get even more worse.
    WinMe and XP it was possible, to get back useable UI… what drugs to the take.
    One of the biggest fails unter 10 is, you can't find anything anymopre on an easy direct waa. Then yu can't grab a window or border where you expect ist, it is some pixels outside of the window border. How incompetend someone must be, to build a UI like that

  • Can you do it the other way round?

  • It didn’t work for me I reached the finish button then my computer didn’t shut off

  • How to permanent the window because my window is temporary

  • Next Windows 10 look like Windows 8

  • 12:47 turn on auto english translate HHAHAHA

  • make windows 69 look like windows doors

  • I made a disk with the iso

  • After boot screen pc is shuting down…… please help

  • Cool! That program really did a good job in my opinion, it actually looks pretty good. However, I can't think of too many scenarios where this program would actually be useful, here's why: I get the idea that someone may have a very old computer that might not run Windows 7 well but runs XP okay and they want to make their XP install look more modern. However, if someone's computer is so old and low on resources that it won't run Windows 7 reasonably well, I doubt that it would run this transformation pack much better than it would run Windows 7 since the transformation pack still uses the CPU and probably a decent amount of RAM anyways. It would be interesting to see a resource usage comparison between Windows 7 and XP running a 7 theme.

    The one scenario I can think of where this transformation pack would be useful is if someone has a decently powerful computer that they need to run Windows XP on because they need to run specific software that won't run on a later version of Windows and they want to make it look more modern. For example, my dentist office is still running Windows XP. I asked why and they told me that the programs they use like for X-Rays and such won't run on anything else.

  • Windows10. Windows7

  • The lisense agreement is in German

  • Is it possible to install truetransparency with this pack?

  • This looks dope!

  • How to turn it off?

  • One of the things the guy who made that program probably could've done:
    He could've have unspaced the buttons in the title bar. Then it would look a little bit closer to the real basic theme.


    Author Reply

    wait, that's illegal

  • It's in German!

  • There was stuff unchecked under the items with grey checkmarks.

  • yay he is making my most hated os look like my most loved os