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LeeKwangSoo is The Biggest Trash in The Universe?! [Running Man Ep 390]

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  • Which episode?

  • Loki has nothing on Kwangsoo

  • NOT ace any more, song ji hyo

  • I love them HAHA 😂💜

  • Lee Sang Yeob and Kang Han Na should be a regular member

  • best team 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️

  • SY : So someone like ?
    Yes, I like him (Soo oppa ❤) 😂

  • I still love how he got his revenge later while fishing. He's literally part of RM family now. One of my top 20 favorite returning guests to the show. His chemistry with them is so fun to watch.

  • Ya NaYa Na

    Author Reply


  • HiHi

    Author Reply

    I've just finished watching the new upload ep. And realize that i Miss this kind of running man

  • I miss him please invite him again 👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I hope Sechan can go to this extent

  • mad respect to these editors in korean variety shows! the edit of kwang soo's head cracked me up!

  • Jin young, sangyeob, han na and da hee blends perfectly in running man

  • I used to have the biggest crush on Sangyeob 😂 I enjoyed the Family Special Episodes so much. Hope that Sangyeob, Dahee and Hana could guest again on RM

  • Sang Yeob is so handsome 😝

  • Sang Yeob should be a part of RM members

  • Make sang yeob a regular member please

  • Sangyeob fits in so well with the cast.

  • WhoaWhoa

    Author Reply


  • Even today I feel Sanghyeob was a better permanent cast choice than Sechan… it would have been perfect if RM was Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, HaHa, Jongkook, Jihyo, Seokjin, Somin and Sanhyeob.
    I like the Yang brothers but Sehyung in Infinite Challenge was perfect when Sechan in Running Man still don’t make me laugh… I still don’t see the use of Sechan in the group dynamic unlike Somin who give something refreshing.

  • can sangyeob make a comeback to running man with haha, ji hyo and kwangsoo
    i really like him