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Lee Kwang Soo is a Piece Of Trash?! [Running Man Ep 391]

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  • remembered watching this episode in the middle of night, with no sound on tv, when my wife and kid slept well.Laughedmy ass off covering my mouth and stomach, what a pleasant torture..

  • Can always count on Kwangsoo. This was hilarious.

  • these are probably the best episodes. the recent ones haven't been nearly as funny

  • still one of the funniest moment on runningman

  • couldn’t believe that sangyeob are hyung to kwangsoo

  • Lee sang yeob needs to become a regular member of running man and become part of betrayer team🤣

  • Lee sang yeop should be permanent member for realllll he so hilarious idk why i feel like he has gary’s vibe in him

  • yiyiyiyi

    Author Reply

    I like sang yeob🔥😍

  • one of the funniest scenes in Running Man E V E R ! ! !

  • This is probably the funniest scene ever! I couldn’t stop laughing hahahhaa

  • DavkaDavka

    Author Reply

    Haha just goes away after started all of this lol

  • ตอนนี้โคตรฮา55555

  • Haha will be the last person who alive when this world in the chaos.

  • Best 3 mins 👌

  • It would be nice if RM in 2020 add 2 more members: Lee Sang Yeob, Lee Da Hee. That would be a fantastic Trio 😀

    it is just my opinion tho

  • Lol, he's the only one who can compete with kwang soo

  • i really love this scene it cracks me up so much!!

  • One of the most funniest moments in running man HAHAHAHAH

  • Really one of the funniest 😂

  • Soo oppa ❤ LSY 😂👍