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Kwangsoo and Water Bomb [Running Man Ep 384]

Jong Kook and Kwang Soo enjoys their water bomb with plenty of delight.

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  • Jk shittt

  • Kwangsoooooo 💗💗💗💗💗 of all the handsome oppas and ahjussi's, you're the only one who took my breath away!!! Waaaah!!! 💗☺️ From RM to your dramas and movieeeeessssss 💗💗💗💗

  • Episode ?

  • This proves that Lee Kwang Soo is really damn attractive,but you know he's a little bit dumb HAHAHHAHA

  • why does Kwang soo in this felt like Itaewon class park seo joon.a little bit

  • Love haha n somins "father-daughter" relationship … if u watch hahas wife byul's vlog, haha talks about somin not like shes his lil sister but his daughter … maybe coz haha wanted a daughter so bad 😂😂

  • First time seing giraffe with abs

  • Jongkook and kwangsoo tried to take off each other clothes are better than drama romance 😂😂


  • Somin :)))) I really love her♡

  • Each to their own, I personally wasn't a fan of So Min joining in.
    Keeping the coat on is clearly better, so Jong Kook went to take Kwang Soo's coat off for choosing him, so it's a revenge. Kwang Soo retaliates by taking Jong Kook's coat off and they start stripping each other. Kwang Soo got frustrated and went so far as to pulling his pants down. This all made sense and was funny.
    Why did So Min join in the stripping though? I'm not seeing the reason behind it except for the fact that she's doing it for the sake of doing it.
    I don't hate her and I can see why some people finding this funny, but it really doesn't hit the spot for me.

  • So min is the best!😂😂

  • Somin not over acting but she just be her self… so cute… hehehe so glad haha hyung get to stop her before anything happens

  • I hate somin

  • Just hate it when somin shows off.. .. like duh! ..

  • So Min always know how to top off a scene, she’s the best.

  • So apparently all the hate comments are dumped down like really low, which is awesome

  • Damn you can see Kuangsoo's pecs and abs thru his white shirt.

  • Idk if anyone notice but this u guys see haha being caring towards so min?? Like he’s protecting her which I just find very cute and heart warming 😂 like he was covering her with her jacket 😭

  • 讚讚讚

  • Those two are like brothers

  • Thats like brotherly love you take it off i take it off we do this together

  • 1:41 Kwang soo abs😂❤

  • Men wetlook is boring

  • ha haha ha

    Author Reply

    Whats wrong with water bomb

  • Oh gosh, Kwang Soo can't be buff it's just too weirddd hahaha