Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix – KH2FM – Post Game Finale: The Lingering Will

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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix
Post Game Finale: The Lingering Will
Difficulty: Critical

We already took care of the Mushroom XIII, explored the Cavern of Remembrance and defeated all the Data Replicas in the Garden of Assemblage. Now only one challenge remains.

This final challenge is located in Disney Castle in the Hall of the Cornerstone. Who are we taking on exactly? It is the Enigmatic Soldier, one who holds memories of a keyblade wielder long past… The Lingering Will, Terra.

He is without a doubt the hardest opponent in the game because he has attacks that guarantee your destruction. Whether its smacking you around via Keyblade Glider, summoning laser-firing drones, sealing your attack or magic/items, aerial dash attacks, Ultima Cannon shotlock, firing arrows that trap you and if you fail you die and a desperation move that is so deadly, you need a lot of skill to guard it. You’ll also need a lot of luck to win this fight.

My best advice is that if you get hit, heal with Curaga since with Leaf Bracer, you’ll be protected. You can also use Limits since they give you invincibility frames especially on Donald’s Limits such as Fantasia and Flare Force. When you attack, don’t pull the Finisher. Instead, let him fall and then repeat. The damage will build up and you can take out a good chunk once you kick in the Finishing strike. Just make sure you get out of the way when he counters. Guarding is needed if you want to survive. Trust me.

If you know how to do it, he isn’t that hard. He can be pretty easy. It’s that his attacks are random and you won’t know what to expect. It’s all a matter of prediction. But if you succeed in defeating him, you get a Drive Gauge Boost, a Proof of Connection as well as the Lingering Will trophy. But in order to get the 2nd secret ending, you got to beat the game afterwards as in beating Xemnas in TWTNW.

That’s it for my playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. I hope EVERYONE enjoyed it and I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year. See you tomorrow for when I start Birth By Sleep Final Mix in Critical Mode.

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  • That was truly the best way to end this version of the KH2 Final Mix playthrough.

  • Don't worry Terra Xemnas and Xehanort will pay for what they did to you Aqua and Ven.

  • How did prepare for the lingering will?

  • I've probably watched all of these playthroughs of KH1-Birth By Sleep. I found you because I was stuck on KH1 and while I was playing that, you were recording this series. And I've became a fan ever since ! 🙂

  • why is your HP so small?

  • Wow you make it look so easy! This is critical mode right? I've already beaten all the mushrooms and xiii replicas and I've tried this guy dozens of times. What where your stats when you did this? I believe I have my strength and defence to about 120 to 130ish. I kinda neglected magic though.

  • Yea but how do I trigger it

  • Thank you for this playthrough and for going through the trouble of finishing all the post game material. That movie at the end though…wow! Every KH game I watch has something of the next game that makes me want to go and watch that one too. These games are kickass in their storytelling. I wonder who comes up with all these brilliant ideas.

  • How works the ending movie? I mean, it plays right after defeating Terra or you have to beat Xemnas all over again?

  • Is it sad that I beat the Lingering Will before beating the Data Org?

  • i want the three character storyline in kh3, but instead of ven aqua and terra, it sora riku and kairi

  • Since basically this is Terra and all. But this makes me wonder how does the Lingering Will turn his keyblade into all of this stuff besides the glider he rides on and the cannon. But how does he turn it into a bow, 2 separate blades into gears, mini lasers, a huge whip, and can teleport all over the area. Wish we can figure that out.

  • Good shit bro

  • megamanNG will you ever do kingdom hearts re:coded?

  • I beat him today ^.^ now I have to do it on Lv. 1 o.o

  • I am looking forward to seeing your Birth By Sleep Final Mix playthrough. Hope you have good strategies for certain boss fights.

  • Legit hate him hope he never comes back fuck him and his glider-_-

  • Have you encountered any rare heartless in the game???  I have, but they always disappear and I'm not sure what to do about it.  Any suggestions?

  • what the hell is with the lag when you go into a form? seriously wtf the ps2 version never did that shit

  • How many attempts did this really take you?

  • Dang man, this boss is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

    Awesome job man!

  • why did the keyblade of ventus wasnt lost memory and why the hell it broke also the reason why i ask why not lost memory becuase when they where doing the pose the 3 of them aqua and terra had their final keyblade

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  • Kingdom Hearts 2 will always be my favourite in the series.

  • Aqua is the hardest story in birth by sleep just saying cuz I did it in proud mode already.

  • QOTD: YES i'm gonna do Birth By Sleep Final Mix

  • How many times you died for him? Anyway Will you choose terra for your gameplay?

  • I remembered seeing the teaser trailer for Birth by Sleep, and wow, it's epic but heart-breaking to see the failed ones, waiting to be saved in the near future.

  • Happy New Years everyone!

  • What's the beat strategy to use when he goes into rage mode (spell circle)? That always gets me.

  • QOTD: hell yes!!

  • A awesome end to a awesome playthough. I might just have to pick this game up. Anyway happy new year may you gain a million subscribers within the new year.

    Just out of curiosity which took more tries, this, sepheroth or data Xemnis?

  • The music for the fight is great.

  • My heart goes to you, Jose. KH2FM is 100% completely O-V-E-R! Take a break, bro. You gunna need it cuz tommorrow, 2015, we begin BBSFM! Where it all began… Happy New Year and cya tommorrow. 😀

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    Well on to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 😀

  • Good Job and Happy new year 

  • Looks like kingdom hearts has come to an end

  • how come you don't die when the health becomes low, are you invisible when it's low?

  • You truly are an expert on playing Kingdom Hearts. I will be sure to follow your guides on Kingdom Hearts 2.5. remix, and recommended them to any friends that I wish to teach on how to play Kingdom Hearts. And I look forward to seeing any Kingdom Hearts 3 guides that you create.