Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix – KH2FM – Post Game Episode 01: Mushroom XIII

QOTD: Which Mushroom do you find to be the most you hate?
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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix
Post Game Episode 01: Mushroom XIII
Difficulty: Critical

The main game may be over but the post-game has just begun.

We begin with the trek of the Mushroom XIII. Each of the Mushroom XIII have garb similar to Organization XIII except each has a number on their back. Each of them also have a requirement in order to appease them. Completing it depending on how good will nets your rewards. The higher you go, the better the rewards.

No. 1 is at Memory’s Skyscraper. You need to hit it 70 times within 30 seconds. To get the Premium Mushroom, he must be hit 99 times. Using Wisdom Form is best along with the Fenrir.
No. 2 is at Christmas Tree Plaza. You must deflect projectiles until you reach 80 points. Final Form is best used.
No. 3 is in Beast’s Castle – Bridge. You must collect 450 prizes that it drops before time runs out. Draw, Follow the Wind and Glide will be essential.
No. 4 is in the Palace Gate. You need to hit 85 clones without getting hit. Using Wisdom Form will help all while moving in a circular motion.
No. 5 is in the Treasure Room at the Cave of Wonders. You need to defeat it in 10 seconds but its health regenerates quick. Master Form or Limit Form can work but Final Form with Bond of Flame and Firaga does wonders.
No. 6 is in the Atrium at Underworld Cavern. You need to defeat all the clones within 45 seconds. They appear in Groups of 6 and Final Form + Thundaga is your best bet.
No. 7 is in the Tunnelway in Twilight Town. You need to beat it in under 10 seconds but coming in contact will send you flying. Final Form and Reflega spam is perfect.
No. 8 is outside the Mysterious Tower. You need to bounce it 85 times. Have Master Form and Fatal Crest equipped. Make sure you’re in MP charge so Berserk can kick in and give you a good score. Remove all MP Haste abilities too.
No. 9 is in the Castle Gate at Radiant Garden. You need to hit it 75 times without letting it stop spinning. Fatal Crest, Berserk Charge and Horizontal Slash are effective but Wisdom Form + Berserk Charge also works.
No. 10 is in Moonlight Nook at Isla de Muerta. You need to defeat the real mushroom in 55 seconds as it shuffles itself amongst four fakes. Final Form is most effective but make sure you get the right one. Otherwise you’re screwed.
No. 11 is in Waterway at Timeless River. You need to deplete the hit counter above its head in 19 seconds or less. Rumbling Rose, Negative Combo and Wisdom Form are better to use because you can keep a distance while taking it out.
No. 12 is in the Old Mansion. Defeat 40 or more clones before time runs out. Unlike No. 6, they appear in rapid succession. Wisdom Form, Fatal Crest and Berserk Charge are useful. Remove all Combo Plus and MP Haste Abilities.
No. 13 is in the Great Maw. Beat all the other Mushrooms to reach the last one. Talking to it not only gets you the Winner’s Proof keyblade and the Proof of Peace.

Next time, we trek through the Cavern of Remembrance.

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  • Well as you know from my previous comment about my accuracy for this game needing years of building I would say all of them are hard in their own ways, but if I had to chose one it would be the fourth one. Getting things done with no damage was never a task that I never favored. Lego The hobbit and Lego Ninjago Nindroids both on the 3DS or two examples; the simpler games in comparison to this.

  • I actually beat the one in agrabha with master form with fenrir and thundaga (took me a few tries but got it not easy)

  • out of all of them number 9 right now is giving me the most trouble that and number 1

  • Mega man this is Joshua I have a problem with mushroom 🍄 No. 8 mushroom 🍄 No.10 and mushroom 🍄 No. 11 and mushroom 🍄 No. 12

  • Play the game first. Then put it on YouTube video

  • mushroom 10 I can't find the right one.

  • I try that on mushroom 8 it did worked but I was rushing it. I couldn't get the high score can you teach me.

  • I need help! I only did some of the mushrooms. but not All of them. somebody please help me.😢😢😢😖😖😖

  • I wonder what the wisdom behind having enemies show up after you defeat the final boss is. Isn't the game already over? What would you need all those rewards for?

  • For mushroom #4 I tried wisdom but I kept getting hit but then I decided to use final form with the fenrir and just started spamming them with finishers which got me 100 first try

  •  the way you did number 8 helped me a bunch 

  • Mushroom no. 8

  • Answer:

    No. 1 and 3

  • Easiest way to beat no.2 is to get final form to at least level 3 then use final form and glide without moving he just basically guards all the time.

  • i have done number 8 so many times that i have maxed out on drive recovery things on the mushroom shields and i have tried literally tried everything the highest i got was 83 i pulled 79 like 10 times already but dude why is this so ridicules. 

  • I find these things annoying. I seriously am hating them.

    How is it you beat them??? I've so far only got two. I got the one in Aladdin and Mulan's world.

    Are there certain abilities I need for each one?

  • ive tried multiple ways for number 8 but i cant seem to keep him in the air long enough. ive tried the master form with berserk charge and no combo pluses as well as no air combo pluses no magic hastes or anything i also tried the final form trick and it didnt work out i have weapons with long reaches excluding ultima weapon he is the last one i need to do besides #13. what are your thoughts on this?

  • How do i beat mushroom 8 i can only get to 83 or less

  • No.8 I swear to god >.<!!!!!

  • How do you shoot like that at No. 9.. I can't keep the mushroom from spinning

  • No.9 is a pain but No.8 can go F***RIGHT OFF

  • This video helped me tremendously. I watched it for the few I had trouble with and your strategies helped me far more than any other I had looked up. Thank you!

  • sometimes in the some worlds i can't use some of the drive form. Do you have any clue about this? i'm trying to do the fist mushroom in memory's skyscraper but i can't use the wisdom form, it doesn't even apear…

  • This was a big help man……you earned yourself a new subscriber 🙂

  • Thanks for this. Helped a lot!

  • When I use wisdom form against 9, sora after awhile automatically will stop shooting causing me to cease the spinning. Do I need I level wisdom more?

  • Can I ask how you always get number one to stop so easily? He always counters me at least two to three times before I can hit him.

  • I hate mushroom 8 the most that's the worst that took me so many tries for mushroom number 5 I beat that in 3 seconds yea I guess I leveled up a lot

  • number 4 was the worst for me… ugh, I kept getting hit at the last stretch of the challenge…
    Meanwhile, I did the challenges in different ways for a lot of them compared to you Final form for the first two, final with fire boost for 5, using horizontal slash for 8 and 9 (even if it was harder than the way you did it…), and  as many "finishing plus" abilities you can get for ten

  • I think the easiests were 4 and 5, and the hardests were 6 and 8. And I guess you should have used bersek on number 4, it heps a lot.

  • qotd number 12

  • this will help me alot, thanks for going through all of them man! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh I love post game for KH2 final mix its great

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