Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 (PS4) – KH2FM – Easy & Fast Level Up Guide!

Just some fast ways to gain some EXP if you are trying to get to level 99 or just wanting to be a higher level in general 馃檪

More guides coming soon and my 2.8 review is being worked on as we speak! Stay tuned for more!

Hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you in the next one! Peace.

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  • Thank you for the guide bud it really helped

  • Damn good

  • 2:08 You only need half hp

  • How did you get drive gage above 5 going to final mode

  • Fast and easy? How about simple and clean.

  • This is so tedious

  • Great tutorial, help me in critical a lot.

  • I'm at level 65 and still can't beat Roxas…

  • Read your dialogue card fast enough? Speed racer trying to explain shit here….

  • So when exactly do you show 1.5 as claimed in the title??

  • This didnt help me at all cuz of not having the gullwing

  • Thank you!!!

  • DinkDink

    Author Reply

    does this work in the original kh2

  • I got through the cavern at lvl 40… It was not pleasant

  • How do you get the Gull Wing keyblade?

  • How do u get gull wing i beat every world and dont have it

  • Simple and Clean as it should be. Pun intended

  • You should specify in your title that this is a lvl guide for KH2

  • Valor form actually has another exp boost I think

  • From wich game is the song of the video? Pls

  • CawoCawo

    Author Reply

    How did you shorten your health bar?

  • where do you get the final form? im already at the last door to xenmas and still havent gotten it?

  • really cool gudie on the roxas boss battle right now i have researched the lore of the story so don't think i don't know anything

  • RaftRaft

    Author Reply

    Im trying to grind for the First Roxas Fight, do you know any good ways on grinding before that?

  • Thank you

  • Thx dude! =D This is very helpful! I somehow unlocked final form and such! Once again thank you! You deserve a subscribe ^^ 鉁屸湆鉁屸湆馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

  • Ik this is late but damn! Awesomw video, thx a lot!

  • u can do the same thing in the tower if u want to be high lvl before going to twtnw (before fighting xigbar)
    i did this and i got sora from 48 to 60 + leveled final form in the same time took me 1 hour tbh

  • How is your Max HP so low by end game? I wanted to try this trick but getting into a critical state takes forever because my health bar goes past even my MP bar.

  • I've literally gone up 10 levels in 10 minutes thanks to this strategy. Nothing else was nearly as efficient. Thanks man! Great guide! 馃榾

  • Dang, and I've been my leveling up wrong, thank you for this video. 馃榾

  • Thank you so much this really worked I went from level 63 to level 99 in 2 hours, Awesome guide.

  • Anyone find it hilarious how hard it is to get hit when you actually WANT to. Half a drive bar can be wasted just waiting to get hit.

  • Wouldn't clearing be faster if you used Magnega and Thundaga for big mobs?

  • You should do more guides limit!

  • Can I do this before I get to the last area? Or I have I to beat the game first?

  • Great vid loved the quality

  • Informative and too the point. Subscribed.

  • jacpot from donald and guffy won't help if you are using masterform only characters that are in the fight can give you the boost

  • It doesn't need the bar to flash to indicate critical, just as long as your health bar is half of what it is

  • What is your opinion on the universe?

  • Helpful but I get anxious when I'm critical! Ah well I'll get over it..

  • just need to beat beginner in 15 hours no equipment change and no continues to get plat XD

  • Just finished my first full play through of KH2 since I was a kid and did it on the Remix, your guides were super helpful and much appreciated (especially the guides on leveling forms and whatnot). Keep up the good work 馃憤

  • Just subbed after your guide for levelling up final form in KH2. I seen you've some quality KH content. Good job.
    Greetings from Ireland.

  • wait.So how do i lvl faster in KHFM

  • Sorry but i need to correct you. In original KH2 the Experience Boost ability triggered at critical HP, in Final Mix it triggers at 50% HP … so you don't need to listen to the damn alarm. Also, final form firaga is fine, but once you've gained some levels, it's really much easier to go through as normal sora, using the magnega + thundaga combo

  • Donald and goofy's jackpots and lucky luckys don't work when you use drives or summons

  • Awesome KH1 next 馃檪