Kingdom Hearts 2 – Hidden Seifer Fight!

Turns out there is a Hidden Seifer fight right before the Struggle Battle!

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  • didn't know about it

  • Holy shit I forgot about this. I did this as a little kid ONCE and just thought it was a weird fever dream I had.

  • Actually when I did it I just went there by accident and I won the fight

  • There's also a missable scene when you first play as Sora. Go to the Sandlot instead of Station Heights and you'll get a scene where Sora encounters Seifer.

  • I never knew about this. Good one, mate!

  • Don't mean to brag but I knew about this lol. My Roxas days where literally months haha.

  • Fuck I had no idea

  • The point of Seifer wasnt for EXP it was for an Item drop that was moved to a different part of the game.

  • This is considered hidden really

  • Lol I just discovered this on my own 2 days ago. I felt dumb considering I owned this game on my (now dead) ps2 and my (now dead) PS3. And just now finding it on PS4. Lol I use this to grind for critical mode.

  • News to me

  • I've always known it's how I grinded as roxas

  • you can fight him multiple times in he San door when you are suppose to do jobs
    he is a lot more hostile towards Roxas

  • HOLY SHIIIIIT, WAS THIS THE LAST REAL VIDEO GAME SECRET??? (Because this wasn't in the strat guide either)

  • I did not know about this

  • ZeroZero

    Author Reply

    Omg this is a revelation I must try this on my next Playthru

  • ChrisChris

    Author Reply

    I already knew about this when I first played it

  • I didn't know about this

  • Are on that good stuff bra my 4 year old sister new about this

  • I knew about this on my first playthrough… a week ago 😕

  • WHAT.

  • It's wrote in the manual for the ps2 game…….. yeah i'm always going for 100% completion (if there are any errors, know that i'm not english)

  • I never khew this

  • Damn I didn't know about this and it's 2017.

  • who cares i didnt knew about this either so its all cool bruh