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Kim Soo-hyun braves the rain to find Seo Yea-ji | It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 4

Sometimes no words are needed and a hug is all it takes to make us feel better. 😌

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Âm Nhạc
Âm Nhạc
Âm Nhạc
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  • OSTs really has a big role in any show. You know why.

  • Love this drama usa….great acting great syylist her wardrobe is awesome plus she is so authentic…both actors are great together


  • SS

    Author Reply

    i love raining scene in kdrama 😂

  • They weren’t saying anything at all but the way they looked at each other and the hug they shared made me cry my heart out. The best kdrama of 2020😭

  • 😥😥❤❤❤

  • Episode 7 please!!!!!!

  • Good 👍👍👍

  • Share me a link.. I cant find episodes of this drama.. I wanna watch

  • Her black inner and shorts look so decent under the white frock… love the concept

  • Los actores y actrices coreanas la llevan.bk.abrazos.

  • OMG..This is the best scenes ever..And Sam Kim song really suits the scenes..So romantic..🥰💕

  • 😇😇😇

  • i believe moon yeong liked him ever since they were kids cus remember how she excitedly ran to the stairs when kang tae brought her flowers? but her mom got in the way to change her mind 😪. i think moon yeong deliberately scared kang tae to get rid of him completely so to protect him from her mom.

  • 2:03 okay so no one gonna talk about how hot kang tae when he take off his jacket and walk to moon yeong under the rain😭😭🤟🏻❤️

  • The OsT such a😍🥰😘💋

  • Everything is so lerfect except the fact that the production team make her wear white while she was soaked in the rain. Wasn't it oversexualized?

  • 6 episodes and im already fucked up cause i have to wait 5 days just to watch 2 episodes huhuhu

  • May WMay W

    Author Reply

    The best non-verbal scene ♥️

  • They'll heal each other

  • It takes a lot for me to cry for a drama since they’re usually lighthearted but I’ve already sobbed in this one.

  • This drama touches on so many taboo topics in a such a realistic and wholesome way. This is by far the best drama I’ve ever seen.

  • I feel like one day, Mun Yeong will has a problem with Gang Tae's past… Because Gang Tae's mom death so mysteriously.. But i don't know guys, just the feeling.

  • Seo Yeji was my first and only reason why I wanted to watch this drama … and since I watched this drama in the first episode, this drama itself became another reason I watched this drama.

  • How to watch all episodes plz tell me

  • My top 5 drama now
    Its okay to not be okay
    I can hear your voice
    City hunter

  • Name of song

  • Saturday & Sunday pls come fasterrr

  • Im enjoying this K-drama… Lol

  • the way I don’t find this scene romantic at all, there’s no romance in this.. I only see two broken souls looking at each other, wanting to be loved.

  • https://koreanworldaboo.blogspot.com/?m=1

  • I can say this drama deserves so many awards