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Kim Jong Kook "Ji Hyo and I don't like the term "get out"" [Running Man Ep 452]

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  • stop saying somin saved the show, kjk saved it. Ya'll saying somin did it when u can't even name one famous somin's drama🤣

  • Since people are talking about JH and JK's issue of getting kicked out in 2016, was there really a definite reason why it was the two of them? It still bothers me until now that among the members, why were the two most famous members in and outside SK were chosen to "have been kicked out".

  • to be honest as someone that already watched rm since ep1…i can say the reason why rm is still fun to watch is because the old members and sechan. For me the new members sechan is naturally funny and quite good and make me laugh so hard but for somin i dont know. not tryin' to be hater or bias but i tried to follow her and i can't ( i have to skip her part because sometimes it annoys me). Maybe because everyone has a character in rm and she has to (?) be that 'annoying' character i don't know.

  • I will never forgive Running Man for using the best members (Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo) during the early days to make the show popular and then try to get rid of them without consulting them or discussing with them. If you want to know the person responsible, his name is Gong Hee Chul. The fans were enraged when the whole scandal happened and wanted to sue SBS and the show was almost cancelled in December 2016. Ji Hyo and Jong Kook felt humiliated and they said they are not accepting any payment or awards from the show before it gets cancelled in February 2017. Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo cried during SBS awards ceremony. Then the manager of variety department of SBS (Mr. Nam) appologized to Kim Jong Kook on behalf of the stupid Running Man staff and asked him to help him to convince the members to stay. Ji Hyo decided to stay after talking to Jong Kook and both of them said that they are staying because they know how much their fans are waiting for them, so they want to stay loyal to the fans who supported them all along. I am sure that if it was someone else, he/she would leave the program after such humiliation, but Running Man is lucky that those two (Spartace) are amazing, considerate, loyal, humble and forgiving. Then Jung Chul Min started looking for new members and decided to add Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan 2 months after the scandal. After the addition of the new members and the start of dangerous destinations project, the ratings started increasing slowly. In the second half of 2019 the ratings reached an average of 7-8% and especially after changing the PD to Bopil in 2020, the program became more and more popular. In April the program ranked as number 5 on the list of Korean Variety Shows Brand Reputation Rankings which is a huge increase compared to January and February when it was always number 10 or 11. Everyone is praising the new PD for bringing new games, reducing forced lovelines between members and guests, reducing the opening segment and focusing more on the games and bringing back physical games that are not too tiring for the members. The PD was also praised for dealing with the abcense of Kwang Soo due to his injury (February 2020) and So Min's abcense (episodes 498-504).


  • And who said so min saved the show!🤣🤣🤣

  • if yall didnt know they kicked kjk and sjh and damn near ended the show.

  • Had they kicked out SpartAce..the show would be doomed..ridiculous ideas since gary left

  • I know everyone has moved on but I just want to remind you guys that you have the right to blame Running man producers but they explained that they are whole family and they would never hurt the members, the incident was a complete misunderstanding, it was not on purpose or intentional.

  • KK LKK L

    Author Reply

    That they could joke about this shows how much effort the 2 make to set aside the "betrayal" by the producers when they found out they were getting fired via media reports.

  • They did them so dirty. I’m glad they both were able to over see it and stick together for the rest of the cast and fans. I would love to see someone interview ji hyo and ask her about that moment in time. I feel like her feelings where just pushed under a rug. I would love to hear how she over came the hurt and what inspires her to keep going. She’s such an amazing woman. Running man is lucky to have her.

  • 0:09 So true 😂👏🏻

  • People said somin saved the show but the real saver is kim jong kook if he not decided to stay back , this show will gone forever . There wont be any chance to let somin fans see their somin in this show.

  • I really love it everytime Ji Hyo talks or becomes active. Yes, she seldomly talk at times but when she does and begans comfortable being herself,actually she's naturally funny. Even in the old episodes, she's hilarious specially when she bicker with her oppas ang getting angry. She always makes me laugh without her trying so hard. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I actually miss that side of her.

  • This is hilarious. Funny how they just take it as a joke. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So happy still able to see Spartace on RM up until now. Cant imagine the show without them or any of the original members.

  • It is really good that Iron Min is back. The reaction of the cast shows it all. This season of RM together with Producer Iron Min will be great👍

  • Somin out

  • Yo idk if it’s because of the new Pd or some kind of amazing chemistry or what but this episode was amazing

  • jihyo and jongkook they have a chemistry together😍 😍😍 new love team of RunningMan JJ couple😄😘😍

  • SJH really surpassed my expectations for last 2 episodes. Usually she need helps by other members to gain screentime. But these two episodes, she gain her screentime by her efforts.
    I hope SJH will continue this kind of performance bcoz it will make RM more funny and interesting.
    With SJH come alive once again, there will be no member who left out without screentime and I hope there will be no fans war again.
    #9012 forever

  • It's great to watch Ji Hyo joking around with everyone else

  • The editing, screentime, th adlibs, sekjin's slapstick, the punishment of iron min pd=perfect

  • I laugh so hard, and ji Hyo gets more screen time, this episode is hilarious

  • They should mentioned Kang Ho Dong too lol

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘

  • Arab sub please


  • Ji hyo eonnie, saranghaeyo!

  • Ji hyo unnie saranghae Forever So Fighting
    You are my ace

  • I love this ep because this game was very funny! 🤣

  • Somebody is happy that joke sure…😝

  • Tell me what woman you want kim jong kook ?
    Hong ji young , hon sung young , jeon so min , song ji hyo or yoon eun hye.

  • Lol love the way they do know well each other 😍😂

  • Iron min is back… It means crazy punishments will be back too.. Hahaha even the members acknowledge that in the beginning 😂😂😂

  • Looks like jongkook officially announce their relationship

  • ________

    Author Reply

    chul min pd please don't listen haters

  • KJK and SJH were kicked out of RM without being informed. SBS and RM producer lied to the whole country and RM fans that both decided to leave. After the incident SBS decided to cancel RM and KJK was the one saving this show as he persuaded all members to stay and they moved on with 6 members until sb joined and was claimed as RM's savior by her shameless fans.

  • Ouch 😂

  • She's a Queen of Destruction hahahahahahahha plus the fact that Iron Min is back in RM 😍❤️ AND Yu jae seok and seok jin friendship hahahahhahahahahahhaha haha and ji hyo is cute.


    Author Reply

    The term "get out" in Korean reminds me not only the 2016 incident (KJK and SJH were forced to leave) but also Gary. Gary was the one who used this term several times before he left the show permanently.

  • RM ratings increased because 2d1n is no longer airing 😭😭😭

  • I still dont understand why they wanted to kick out ji hyo .. ): m ?

  • hope..when them get married..not metter which who..i wanted them still their choose leave or stay

  • That whole situation will always be sad but its good that they can joke about it now 🙂

  • 20 years of friendship. Always bicker but no history of a real fight.
    Yoo Jae Sook and Ji Suk Jin is the best example.