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Kaohsiung – Taiwan’s busiest harbor. Located in southwestern Taiwan, this city boasts scenic seaside spots, magnificent mountain views, and captivating culture. Check out the top spots of Kaohsiung, here.

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Begin your #Kaohsiung #vacation on the island of Cijin, and visit Tianhou Temple, where Matzu, the protector of fishermen and sailors, is honored.

Head further inland and hike the trails at Monkey Mountain; have a spot of tea with a view of the city as monkeys swing overhead from the treetops.

Other popular attractions include Love River, which offers scenic pathways that run through the city, and Lotus Lake, where the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are said to give visitors good luck. At the lake, honor the Goddess of Mercy and God of War, and marvel at the massive statue of the Mysterious Warrior, Xuan Wu. Don’t miss the nearby Tianfu Palace and Taiwan’s largest Confucian Temple.

#Visit the Liuhe Night Market. As one of the largest markets in Asia, these open-air stalls serve up the freshest seafood around.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  • don't forget to bring PM2.5 grade breathing masks because the air pollution is typically above 100 US AQI (that's like breathing directly next to a motorcycle exhaust valve)

  • Do they speak Mandarin or Hokkien there?

  • I watched this over and over as to get myself familiarised with Kaohsiung. Recently we went on a trip and here is our take on it https://youtu.be/TQaZBt47qOE hope u can watch this. Thanks a bunch

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  • Add a Shinjuku or Dotonbori with cute Japanese garden with surrounding food courts, covered shopping lanes and a 3story night market with adjacent entertainment complex like Ximending and a multilevel indoor rainforest with koi ponds and aquarium surrounding walkways, then add about 10 affordable high rise apartment complexes with 3 affordable hotels and 3 hostels. And one giant pagoda over 200m with observation tower. All near city center, withing 2km at least. Then you have something special. Cijin could use some modern developments with old world feel. Add some gardens. Thank me later.

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  • One thing I love in Kaohsiung is that they have large and beautiful park where you can do running, biking. It's so clean and refreshing.

  • I missed this place.. I was working their for 11 years and planning to come back for a vacation.

  • CoreyCorey

    Author Reply

    It's my hometown, welcome to Kaohsiung!

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  • Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Province of China

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  • This is the most beautiful city in Taiwan for sure. MUCH nicer than the cities of the north, and the people are more open and speak English with an American accent. LOL

  • Hello, I'm a student in Kaohsiung.
    This video is incredibly amazing.
    May I clip this video as a part that introduce Kaohsiung City in a cultural activity in my school(National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences)?

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