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K.Will, It's So Obvious That You're Trying to Look Like Kang Daniel [Running Man Ep 401]

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  • I hope they invite K.Will again

  • Our K. Will is so cute!!!

  • Funny thing is Daesung and Kim Jong Kook are Taurus. While K.Will is a Capricorn. So all three of them are earth signs. Explains so much

  • I still can't get over of heechul said that k.will is sick version of kang daniel 😆😆😆

  • They mentioned Kant Daniel and played BTS fire

  • K will so cute❤

  • I just can’t believe how much K.Will looks like Daesung.

  • Can we have Daesung, K.Will AND Jongkook all together? They’re Iike father, older brother and baby brother .

  • do anyone know what is the title of the song when k.will come??

  • Am i the only one who think that k.will looks like Ha Sungwoon?

  • A sick version of Kang Daniel. 😂


  • I thought he was Daesung

  • Vv DlVv Dl

    Author Reply

    I thought this was taemin(shinee)

  • Chắc giống…..

  • Haha's mom always the best… since long time ago

  • What​ EP​?

  • I thought he looked like daesung, but with blond hair

  • he does looks like Kang Daniel , the hair and outfit in Beautiful haha

  • One day, I'll be able to see K.Will, Jong Kook and Daesung standing together

  • Out of this vid but whenever I see celebrity doppelganger I always remember Woozy(Seventen) and Suga(BTS) for real.

  • K.will is just 💜💜💜💜

  • Their zodiac sign is Taurus ♉ the 3 of them

  • They should really invite k.will as guest 😂

  • omo finally K.Will is in running man! Been waiting for years :'D

  • K.Will aka Daesung's older brother aka Kang Daniel's dad LOL ^^

  • Kkkkkkk姜丹尼尔日常被cue

  • HuiyiHuiyi

    Author Reply

    wtf i really thought that was kang daniel lol

  • Sometimes i feel kim jong kook and kim jong min from 2d1n look same 😂😂😂

  • He does look like Daniel's older brother 😂 he's also not ugly, why they hatin' (i know they're just joking)

  • Kim jong kook,k will,kang daesung all of them have small eyes and savage mouth

  • I love K.Will and Kang Daniel, but he kind of reminds me of Taehyung from BTS❤️😂 but after he wore the glasses maybe he looks similar to kang Daniel❤️❤️

  • As always, my savage K.Will 😂
    If Daesung was there, it would be extremely hilirious =)))))

  • I like kang daniel a lot.. but i really do not understand all of this hype. Like yeah his character is charming and he is kind handsome and charismatic but aside from his dancing skills he dosen't have any other special skill. Some kpop idols compose and write their own songs dance amazingly are handsome and have a good character but do not get as much recognition as he does.

  • K.will usually so savage ahhahahahahhahaha

  • @0:31 and @0:38 missing family outing days… the way they mentioned his name…

  • bcause kwill look like daesung i starting to like him

  • What episode is this??

  • I think K. Will 's smile is looks like Taemin 🤔

  • Sb tries to get some attention but the others dont even care lol

  • I laugh so hard when jaesuk said "oooo.. K. Will…" wkwkwk

  • A.A.

    Author Reply

    If Daesung weren't in army he must me here. But I'm happy with him too. KJK, K.Will and Daesung known for they 'small eyes'