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Jong Kook Said, "Watch anything. I'm going to look at you" [Running Man Ep 475]

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  • I think Han ye seul 🤭

  • If my boyfriend said this to me, I'll be like Jihyo
    Coz I find pickup lines so fking disgusting
    and my boyfriend gonna label me as a cold-hearted gf

  • It's just so hilarious that jihyo didn't even care and interested in jongkook's story 😂😂😂

  • Whats the title of ftisland song?

  • 0:17 Song Ji hyo face 😂

  • My imagination :jk have crush on jihyo..
    Jihyo have crush on jk too.. But they so shy to confess their love.


    Author Reply

    Jihyo usually doesnt like things like this but when it was about Jongkook and Jinyoung, she was shipping them

  • 0:25 name of the girl?

  • 0:07
    What song of this?

  • her ideal type probably not the cheesy boy but silently caring ~ 😂

  • this is why KJK and SJH will never get together lol

  • To me if kim jong kook loves a woman..he should stick to it..
    Not playing around..with woman feelings.
    Be a man…reveal your love..
    End of story.
    Be brave like Lee Kwang Soo..
    reveals his love to Su Bin..
    Thats a real man.

  • Omg jihyo reaction
    Jong kook reaction
    i think they are couple

  • Only Kang Gary can make Jihyo's heart fluster. Oh! I miss the old days.

  • Oppa, just date and marry!

  • 0:07 does anyone know the title of the song sechan sings

  • Omg kim jong kook 😍😍😍😍

  • the look of the female guest is locked on kookie hahahahahaha

  • Full episode 475 include english subtitle. . And that is not from opening start.

  • Jae suk was very funny

  • What's the song se chan sang

  • i think jihyo really has no intention of marrying a guy

  • look at jihyo reaction
    Spartace is real

  • Why some episode not make full episode??

  • To be honest, KJk is what Somin wants xD .. Like seriously, i'm gonna ship these two…

  • Park Ji Hyun really pretty

  • A DA D

    Author Reply

    What is the title of 0:18 ??? Thanks

  • Haha. Jihyo looks like she wanted to leave the bus….

  • 0:17 … What name of this song?

  • This is what Jong kook said to yeon soo if u guys watched rm before

  • Lol, those are words he said to Ha Yeon Soo

  • Is it just me or does Jong Kook look like an older version of BM?

  • I love them btw what title se chan sing

  • Ya NaYa Na

    Author Reply

    Kim JongKook ❤。^‿^。

  • ji hyun😍

  • Jihyo is a very 'traditional woman'. She doesn't watch news/get updates on recent trend.

    She is a very straightforward person,which is why most of her RM characters doesn't involves script.

    She is not anti social,she just being who she is.she follow her own flow.

    You can't force her to act without a script.

  • Jongkook have girlfriend who is it ? ☺

  • Seem like jihyo make disgust face cause

  • Coward

  • Haha and kwangsoo crazy reaction shots are the best. Hahaha