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Jong Kook & Ji Hyo True Feelings Came out Because They Were So Happy! [Running Man Ep 436]

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  • Their face look like same and if you want to know, malaysian always said "your destiny will look like you" HAHHA

  • lol jimin and minA in this episode…

  • Told ya. Jong Kook and Jihyo together are simply Thanos

  • I can't accept if they relay just family in running man.

  • "Skip a slot."
    They are the one who made it possible. 😂

  • Eps?

  • I believe the part when they are trying to tease them after hugging each other is edited. Some people doesnt allowed us to know their real status

  • Oh my god

  • Watching again and again..but..untill now i still don't understand how did that happen?..Haha skip a slot and jk/jh just took that 1 slot..they don't even think that they will win with that 1 slot..and then..they win..

  • Their so sweet when their togheter like that and hug like that

  • he can do way better than this ahjuma looking exceptionally mediocre woman

  • imagine caring about shipping. Actually get a damn life.

  • Semiga kekal bahagia kak ji hyo dan abg jong kook😍

  • I stan the editing team

  • ErunaEruna

    Author Reply

    This was my favorite episode of all time xD

  • Episode?

  • I was a huge fan of the monday couple but I have to say, watching these spartace love lines, I cannot help but feel all warm inside 😂

  • I am happy to see Song jihyo happy

  • Fuxk the running man PD

  • To be honest, I don’t like how Somin complained!!! It’s so sad that these day we barely see our Ace on the screen 😬😬

  • What song at jihyo and Jong Kook hug

  • Ahhh Like I was expecting when it comes to luck JIHYO is there😂😍

  • But they have been friends for 10 years so they can't go more then family. I also think that they did this rumor to get more fans and also to make the show better. They are trying to get fans attention as well as planning to make us think that they like each other by holding hand. They been friends for so long that holding hand might be normal for them. So every moves they make with each other is just to get fans attention and make the show more popular.

  • Pls tell me what ep

  • This ep is tougher to watch now since we know abt both Seungri and Jonghyun…

  • Man that smile on jihyo

  • Don't forget that Song Ji Hyo is named before as Goddess of Luck. 😍

  • 지효언니 운이 장난안이야 👍👍👍

  • I am so happy everytime i see Jihyo being so happy like that

  • I will be extremely happy to hand over MY Song Ji Hyo to you Kim Jong Kook hyung. 😍

  • Please full episode subtitle Indonesia

  • I want them to end up together ❤️❤️

  • Jihyo always bring luck to him..they should definitely get married 💞

  • I've been a fan for years and theres something about whenever Jongkook or Jihyo wins I feel VERY satisfied like its my favourite thing ever 😍

  • I like 😍😍😍😍😍

  • miss our spartaace<3

  • favorite couple ever our spartaace

  • My Spartace heart 😭

  • JeccaJecca

    Author Reply

    Other members were stoned. This is legendary for SpartAce shippers ❤🤣🤣

  • They really baiting us and we clowning. I'm here for it.