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Jong Kook is Being Too Jealous [Running Man Ep 445]

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  • R CSR CS

    Author Reply

    What's the song in 2:04

  • jong kook didn't really care about se chan fed so min…but really care about jae yeong help ji hyo

  • Tangina parang nagiging timawa sila hahahaha… Eksena palagi sa class room pag nakitang may pagkain hahablutin ng mga hinayupak mong kaibigan

  • funny how jk was complaining jihyo just calmly said to shut up and eat HAHAHAHAHAHA


  • Se chan and So min 😍😍

  • 1:58 jongkook is to jealous 😂😂😂😂

  • You can't be inattentive with your food if Kwangsoo oppa is around..hahaha

  • I love coming back to this to remind myself that Jongkook was legit jealous at Jihyo showing interest in another man lmaooo They're friends tho 😏

  • .

  • When so min eat a food from jae young she looks like a cute cat 💖💖💖💖💖😘😍😚

  • Jk jeles ngan jihyo ke..sblm tu jk pandang arah somin dan se Chan.. Bb se Chan suap somin… 🤔

  • i know JK was only cautious bcos of mission but i cnt stop thinking of something else 😏😏😂😂

  • HaHa is always hilarious! What an entertainer 😂

  • my queen bona uwu

  • 2:32 it's just so adorable how somin run towards haha and said "jae young feed me this" like a little girl talking to her big brother

  • Kim jong kook oppa skrg anda rsa apa song ji hyo rasa. Berapa kali anda sakiti hti song ji hyo.. Anda rapat dgn hong ji young pastu so min. Anda thu apa itu sakit hati… Kesian ji hyo…

  • I like how jaeyoung freely feeding somin..

  • no offense but that bona girl is so annoying

  • I can say jihyo was well taken care of by her team. When she was struggling to reach for the pancake, both jongkook and jaeyoung asked her what she wanted and both men were about to give her the pancake but jaeyoung was faster hence jongkook's outburst of suspicion. Jongkook may have wanted to be the first to give jihyo the pancake but I don't know. What do I know? I'm just a spartace shipper taking in as much spartace crumbs I can get. Hahahahaha