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Jong Kook Gritted His Teeth [Running Man Ep 467]

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  • I ship them Jongkook and Somin 💕 please dating 💕

  • Honestly speaking, I was hoping that Kwang Soo would be doing that with So Min 😑

  • Excuse me but can anyone tell me who's the male dancer? He looks cute🤭

  • I can feel the excitement on 1m fans (including me) when they saw this episode "OH THAT'S EUNHO KIM" "OOOOOOH ISABELLE" " OOOH OOOH OOOOH" and stuff lol im describing myself

  • The thumbnail tho lol

  • it seems lia kim supports kookmin ship XD

  • M _.M _.

    Author Reply


    My responsibilities: 2:00

  • The fact that Jongkook said the teacher is his style and he likes her jokingly . That's rare

  • No So Min didn't need to lose any weight, she's fine the way she is. Plus it's only the first time practing a move like that. Jongkook just had to adjust and this is where the instructor steps in and teach them ways to execute the moves to make it easier for both

  • so min is cute! Never in doubt!

  • You need to realise that these mc's work extremely hard. You can see the last guy has obvious back pains. Watch the interviews on their schedules

  • 1:40

  • This is my tenth time here lol

  • Quite frustrating seeing people say SoMin was tense because she was "scared of the hate" and all that crap.

    She was most likely worried about hurting JongKook who is well-known to have scoliosis and herniated disc, and has also went through several surgeries. All that retaliation with SeChan and KwangSoo was just a response to JaeSuk's weight teasing. You SoMin fans need to stop overcomplicating things.

  • Useless man can't even lift a thin girl lol

  • Is So min really that heavy??? She seem really fit to me….

  • Is is the dance from BTS dope?

  • I feel bad for her, even the thinnest women would be embarrassed and insecure to do a move like that! I feel for her 😖

  • Xd somin is so cute

  • I don't mind to be KJK's black knight to do this part with JSM. Man, she has pure GF material

  • Yeah I see you eunho kim

  • Kookmin is my fave!! 😍😂💖

  • I don't think somin looks that all heavy. Jong kook has LBP for many years which is probably why his reaction is like thay

  • Jongkok bilang "ada yg berdiri tegak namun bukan keadilan"

  • Hehekekeke… I giggled

  • this show is happiness 🤣🤩

  • here in our country thin or not so muscular guys can lift or carry women even their overweight or big.. oh gash.. their women seems light weight but cant carry well.. lol

  • She gets embarrassed about her weight when she's so thin already af but she cute tho doesn't want KJK to suffer HAHAHAH

  • It's so funny when the dancer says that they're innocent because the girl was killing it in 1Million choreo of Sexyback…

  • U r too cute sominnn

  • Jong Kook es bien lindo me encanta 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  • I found it ironic that people left comments that So Min was worried about KJK's back due to surgery. He had a lumbar microdisectomy which removes the portion of the herniated disc which heals quickly and the surgery was done over 9 years ago. He lifts weights much heavier than So Min with no complications. The reason why it looks like he is struggling is because the female is supposed to use her own momentum to make the movement more easier. Since So Min isn't a trained dancer, she didn't know this and becomes 'dead' weight.